Martian Local time used in the Mars Climate Database

Martian hours

Martian hours are (just as their earth counterparts) defined as lasting 1/24th of a sol. (1 sol = 88775 seconds)
In order to avoid confusions, we do not use (or define) martian minutes or seconds: any (martian) time of day is always given as martian hours and decimal fraction thereof.

Local true solar time

This time corresponds to a Local True Solar Time, related to the position of the sun in the sky Noon occurs when the sun is highest in the sky, at local true solar time LTST=12.0 martian hours (in other words, Local True Solar Time is the value that would be read on a sundial).

Universal Time on Mars

Universal time LTST0 (denoted UMST in the Mars Climate Database) is the Local Time at Longitude 0
For the sake of simplicity, we do not use or define time zones. Local True Solar Time LTST at east longitude lon (in degrees) can easily computed as:
LTST = LTST0 + lon/15

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