Call for abstracts

  The abstract submission deadline will be no earlier than March 15, 2022

  Extended abstract up to 4 pages (including figures) are welcome but less is OK too! Abstracts can be submitted in one of the following format : MS Word doc file (preferred if you use Word), or a pdf file (generated using either of the Word or LaTeX templates provided below) :

  Abstract Submission : Soon available here.
  We plan to distribute the abstracts to participants on a USB memory stick at the meeting.
  The abstracts will be put online as soon as possible and will remain available for many years after the meeting.
The abstracts will also be registered in the NASA Astrophysics Data System.
  POSTERS: The recommended poster size is about 90 cm wide x 100-120 cm high (i.e. A0 portrait format).

ESA / DLR / FU Berlin / Justin Cowart