Mars atmosphere modelling and observations

Call for Papers:

  • Deadline : December, 7, 2005.

  • Presentations are solicited for the following topics: Modelling and observational analysis of the current Mars climate system up to the thermosphere: dynamics, dust, clouds, water vapor, polar processes, chemistry; data assimilation; future instruments and missions; modelling of recent martian past climates; Databases and reference atmospheres for engineers and scientists;
  • Authors are encouraged to present a review of their recent (3 years) work rather than foccussing on one single recent result.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit several abstracts focussing on different topics rather than a big one.

  • Extended abstract up to 4 pages (including figures) are encouraged and can be submitted in one of the following format : MS Word (preferred), pdf or postscript. Template for the abstracts (adapted from LPI) :
  • MS Word
  • Latex 2e template , Latex style file
  • Abstract files MUST include the title (uppercase, 14pt), authors, affiliations, text (10pt), as shown in the templates. We strongly encourage authors to limit the size of their file to 2 Mb.

  • Abstracts may be submitted in electronic form to: Please send it as an attached file with file name starting with the last name of the first author . In your Email, please provide your contact information and your preference between an oral presentation or a poster.

  • The abstracts will be distributed in a volume at the meeting.

  • The abstracts will be put online as soon as possible and will remain available for several years after the meeting

  • We also plan to make the abstracts available through the NASA Astrophysic Data System (Abstract service).

  • POSTERS: The recommended poster size is about 90 cm wide x 100-120 cm high