Two ways to use the Mars Climate Database:

The Mars Climate Database WEB interface is intented for moderate use only. Engineers and scientists planning to use the database for intensive or precise work are invited to register for the full version freely downloadable. This full database contains all the datafiles (in netcdf format) along with access software (written in Fortran; simple examples of C, Matlab, IDL and Python interfaces are also included).

MCD WEB The MCD 6.1 Web Interface:
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MCD FULL The MCD 6.1 Full version:
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General description of the database


The Mars Climate Database is formed by averaging model output over twelve times of year (periods of 50-60 days) at twelve fixed times of day and is stored on a three-dimensional spatial grid which is sampled from the models, but which may not reflect their full resolution in any one dimension. This mean data cannot therefore represent the full range of variability in the models themselves.

When data is requested at a point, it is linearly interpolated in space and time from the database grid. Linear interpolation ensures that no values are generated which lie outside the range of the data represented on that grid, but similarly ensures that the maximum and minimum values generated in the model will not, in general, be reflected in the database output. Care should therefore be taken in using the online database to estimate extreme values, such as diurnal ranges or spatial maxima and minima. For the same reasons, the database may appear to underestimate rapid rates of change in variables with space or time.


The data calculated by the Martian Global Circulation Model and contained in the Mars Climate Database are made available to the public on the condition that we make no representations or warranties regarding the reliability or validity of the data nor the use to which such data should be put, disclaim any and all responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the data and bear no responsibility for any use made of this data by any party.

Scientific use of the database is freely allowed provided that the origin of the data is correctly quoted in all publications and that we are kept informed of usage and developments.

This database may not be put to any commercial use without specific authorization.

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