Fourth international workshop on the Mars atmosphere: Modelling and observations

Paris, February 8-11 2011

Abstracts sorted by first authors names

Aishwarya R. Spectral Analyses and Grain Size Determination in Mare Boreum Ice Caps from CRISM

Appéré T., B. Schmitt, Y. Langevin, A. Spiga, S. Douté1, A. Pommerol, F. Forget, B. Gondet and J.-P. Bibring. Peculiar Phenomena of Sublimating Seasonal Deposits During Northern Spring on Mars

Benson J. L., D. M. Kass and the MCS Team. Mars Climate Sounder Observations of Ice and Dust Layering in the Martian atmosphere

Bertaux J.L., B. Gondet, J.P. Bibring, F. Montmessin and F. Lefèvre . First Detection of O2 Recombination Nightglow Emission at 1.27 µm in the Atmosphere of Mars With OMEGA/MEX and Comparison with Model

Bougher S. W. and T. McDunn, J. Murphy and M. Chizek and A. Kleinböhl. Coupling of Mars Lower and Upper atmosphere Revisited: Impacts of Gravity Wave Momentum Deposition on Upper atmosphere Structure

Bougher S. W., A. Ridley, D. Pawlowski, J. M. Bell and S. Nelli. Development and Validation of the Ground-To-Exosphere Mars GITM Code: Solar Cycle and Seasonal Variations of the Upper atmosphere

Burlakov A.V. and A.V. Rodin. Comprehensive Size-Resolving Model of Water Ice Cloud in the Martian atmosphere

Cantor B., M. Wolff and the MAGIE team. MAGIE: the Mars Atmosphere Global Imaging Experiment

Carbonne D., L. Lorenzoni, J.P. Huot, M.C. Desjean, F. Forget and S. Portigliotti. Comparisons of Mars Climate Database: 4.3.1. and MarsGram2005 atmosphere Models on Exomars Landing Site

Chaufray J-Y., F. Forget, F. Gonzales-Galindo, M.A. Lopez-Valderde, F. Leblanc, P-L. Blelly and O. Witasse. 3d GCM-Ionosphere Model To Describe the Martian Ionospheric Dynamics

Chaufray J-Y., F. Forget, J. T. Clarke, K. D. Retherford, D. G. Horvath, M. S. Chaffin, N. Schneider, J-L. Bertaux, E. Quémerais and F. Leblanc. Thermospheric and Exospheric Studies of the Martian Hydrogen Lyman-Alpha Emission

Chizek M. R., J. R. Murphy, S. Fonti, G. A. Marzo, M. A. Kahre, T. L. Roush. Mapping the Methane on Mars: Seasonal Comparison

Clancy R. T., M. Wolff, M. Smith, B. Cantor and F. Lefèvre. MRO CRISM and MARCI Observations of Mars Ozone

Clarke J.T., J.-Y. Chaufray, J.-L. Bertaux, G.R. Gladstone, E. Quemerais and J.K. Wilson. HST Observations of the Martian Hydrogen Corona

Daerden F. and J. A. Whiteway. Simulating Mars Boundary Layer Clouds and Precipitation Observed by the Lidar on Phoenix

Deighan J. and R. E. Johnson. Conditions for a Thick Ozone Layer in Mars' Past

Douté S., X. Ceamanos, M. Vincendon, Y. Langevin and the OMEGA Team. Monitoring atmospheric Dust Opacity at High Latitudes on Mars by Imaging Spectroscopy

Duffy M. K. D., S. R. Lewis and N. J. Mason. An investigation of Martian atmospheric Trace Species using Laboratory and Computer-Based Simulation

Eluszkiewicz J., G. Uymin, D. E. Flittner, J.-L. Moncet, E. Mlawer and M. J. Wolff. Development of Limb Radiative Transfer Models For Mars Remote Sensing and Data assimilation

Encrenaz T., T. K. Greathouse, M. J. Richter, B. Bézard, T. Fouchet. A Search for SO2 on Mars from Infrared Spectroscopy

Fast K. E., T. Kostiuk, F. Lefèvre, T. Hewagama and T. A. Livengood. An Extended View of Ozone on Mars

Forget F.,  E. Millour, J-B. Madeleine, A. Spiga, A. Colaitis , F. Gonzalez-Galindo, L. Montabone, F. Hourdin, F. Lefevre, F. Montmessin, S. R. Lewis, P.-L. Read   M.-A.  Lopez-Valverde. Back to The Basics: Improving the Prediction of Temperature, Pressure and Winds in the LMD General Circulation Model

Forget F. , A. Spiga, L. Montabone, E. Millour, A. Colaitis, Vincent Bourrier and S. Portigliotti: Characterizing the Martian atmosphere for the Exomars 2016 Lander

Gagné M.E., K. Strong and S. M. L. Melo. Simulations of the O2 IR atmospheric Emissions in the Martian atmosphere

Geminale A., V. Formisano, A. García Muñoz, G. Sindoni, M. Giuranna and D. Grassi. Study of the Oxygen Dayglow in the Martian atmosphere with Nadir Data of PFS-MEX

Gomez-Elvira J. and the REMS team. Rover Environmental Monitoring Station for MSL mission

Gondet B., J.-P Bibring, M. Vincendon. Diversity of atmospheric components, detected by OMEGA/MEx limb observations

GonzalezGalindo F., A. Määttänen, A. Spiga and F. Forget. Temperatures and Winds in the Martian Mesosphere from CO2 Clouds Observations and GCM Simulations

GonzalezGalindo F., M.A. L´opezValverde, G. Gilli and F. Forget. Study of the Martian Ionosphere with A General Circulation Model

Greybush S. J., E. Kalnay, T. Miyoshi, K. Ide, M. J. Hoffman, J. Eluszkiewicz, R. Hoffman and R. J. Wilson. Martian atmosphere data assimilation of TES and MCS retrievals

Greybush S. J., E. Kalnay, T. Miyoshi, K. Ide, M. J. Hoffman, J. Eluszkiewicz, R. Hoffman and R. J. Wilson. A Comparison of the U.K. and LETKF TES Analyses

Grisolle F., B. Schmitt, P. Beck, O. Brissaud, S. Douté and F. Forget. Project of an Environmental Cell for the Condensation and Metamorphism of CO2 ice

Guslyakova S. A., A. A. Fedorova, O. I. Korablev, J.-L. Bertaux, F. Montmessin and F.Lefevre. The O2 Dayglow Observations with the SPICAM IR Experiment on Mars-Express

Haberle R.M., F. Montmessin, M. A. Kahre, J.L. Hollingsworth, J. Schaeffer, M. J. Wolff and R. J. Wilson. Radiative Effects of Water Ice Clouds on the Martian Seasonal Water Cycle

Hanley J., V. Chevrier, E. Rivera-Valentin. Control of the water cycle by the regolith at the Phoenix Landing Site

Hartogh P., C. Jarchow, M. de Val-Borro, A. Medvedev, M. Rengel, B.M Swinyard, S. Sidher, E. Lellouch, R. Moreno, M. Blecka, G. Portyankina and H. Sagawa. Observations of Mars with Herschel: First Results

Head. J. W. Geologic Evidence for Latitude-Dependent Water-Related Deposits on Mars: Implications for Climate History and the Hydrological Cycle on Mars

Heavens N.G., M.I. Richardson, A. Kleinböhl, D.M. Kass, D.J. McCleese, W. Abdou, J.L. Benson, J.T. Schofield, J.H. Shirley, and P.M. Wolkenberg. The Vertical Distribution of Dust in the Martian atmosphere as Observed by the Mars Climate Sounder

Hinson D., H. Wang and M. Smith. Baroclinic wave Transitions, Autumn Weather Patterns, and Dust Storms in the NorthernHemisphere of Mars

Hipkin V. J., P.O. Wennberg, J. R. Drummond, G. Toon, M. Allen, J-F Blavier, L. Brown, A. Kleinbohl, J. Abbatt, B. Sherwood Lollar, K. Strong, K. Walker, P. Bernath, R.T. Clancy, E. Cloutis, D. DesMarais, J. Eiler, Y. Yung, T. Encrenaz and J. McConnell. The Mars atmospheric Trace Molecule Occultation Spectrometer: Science Objectives

Hoekzema N. M., O. J. Stenzel, W. J. Markiewicz, E. V. Petrova and K. Gwinner. The Scale-Height of Optical Depth in Valles Marineris as derived from Shadows in HRSC Images

Hoffman M. J., J. Eluszkiewicz, R. Hoffman, S. J. Greybush, E. Kalnay and R. J. Wilson. Evaluation of an Optimal Spectral Sampling Retrieval Algorithm For Thermal Emission Spectrometer Radiances

Hollingsworth J.L., M.A. Kahre, R.M. Haberle and F. Montmessin.  Radiatively-Active Aerosols within Mars' atmosphere: Implications on the Weather and Climate as Simulated by the NASA ARC Mars GCM

Hollingsworth J.L., R.M. Haberle, M.A. Kahre and J. Schaeffer. Recent upgrades, current capabilities and Near-Term plans of the Nasa ARC Mars Climate Modeling Group

Holt J.W., R.J. Phillips, S.R. Christian, B. Davis, I.B. Smith, T.C. Brothers, E. Quartini, K. Tanaka and N. Putzig. New Constraints on Mars Paleoclimate from Orbital Radar Studies of Polar and Mid-Latitude Ice Deposits

Huestis D. L.. Modeling Ionization, Electron-Ion Recombination, and Vertical Diffusion in An Isothermal Martian Ionosphere

Jakosky B. M. The 2013 Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) Mission to Mars

James P.B. and P.C. Thomas. Effects of atmospheric Dust on Residual South Polar Cap

Justh H. L., C. G. Justus and H. S. Ramey. Mars-Gram 2010: Improving the precison of Mars-Gram

Kahre M. A., J. L. Hollingsworth, R. M. Haberle and F. Montmessin. Coupling Mars' Dust and Water Cycles: Effects on Dust Lifting Vigor, Spatial Extent and Seasonality

Karatekin O., A. Konopliv and C. Yoder. Martian CO2 Cycle from Time-Variable Gravity and LOD Observation

Kass D. M., A. Kleinböhl, D. J. McCleese, J. T. Schofield and M. D. Smith.Observations of the Martian Climatology

Kass D. M., W. A. Abdou, D. J. McCleese, J. T. Schofield and A. Määttänen. MCS Climatology of Detached, Localized Haze Layers

Kerber L., J. W. Head, J.-B. Madeleine, F. Forget, L. Wilson and J.S. Levine. Explosive Volcanic Eruptions into the Martian atmosphere

Kleinböhl A., D. M. Kass, J. T. Schofield, D. J. McCleese. MCS Measurements of Temperature and Aerosols at Multiple Local Times in the Martian Atmosphere

Korablev O. I., A. V. Zakharov, L. M. Zelenyi, A. V. Grigoriev, A. Trokhimovsky and F. Montmessin. Observations of the Martian atmosphere from Phobos Grunt Mission

Kreslavsky M. A.Observational Constraints on atmospheric Pressure on Mars in the Amazonian

Kuroda T. Simulation of the Mesospheric CO2 Ice Clouds on Mars Using A General Circulation Model

Langevin Y.., Vincendon M., Bibring J-P., Gondet B. Observations of Surface Ices and Seasonal Frosts with the L and V Channels of OMEGA / MEX

Lefèvre F., E. Hébrard et F. Forget. Chemistry of Methane and Related Hydrocarbons in the atmosphere of Mars

Levine J.S. and M.E. Summers. Sulfur Chemistry in the Early and Present atmosphere of Mars

Lewis S. R., D. P. Hinson and A. Spiga. Variations in Martian Convective Boundary Layer Depth: Observations and Modelling Studies

Listowski C., A. Määttänen, F. Montmessin, F. Lefèvre and J.-L. Bertaux. Solar Occultation with SPICAM/UV onboard Mars Express: Retrieving Aerosol and Ozone Profiles

Listowski, C., E. Hébrard, A. Määttanen, F. Montmessi .and  F. Forget. A Complete Aerodynamic Roughness Map Derived from Rock Abundance Data: Extrapolation to High Latitudes

Lopez-Valverde M. A., F. Gonzalez-Galindo, M. Lopez-Puertas. Revisiting the Radiative Balance of the Mesosphere of Mars.

Lopez-Valverde M. A., L. Montabone, G. Sonnabend and M. Sornig. Mars Mesospheric Winds: Strategy for Accurate Comparisons between Ground Based Observations and GCM Models

Määttänen A., F. Montmessin, B. Gondet, H. Hoffmann, F. Scholten, E. Hauber, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, A. Spiga, F. Forget, J.-P. Bibring, G. Neukum and J.-L. Bertaux. Three Martian Years of Observations of Mesospheric CO2 Clouds on Mars with OMEGA/MEX and HRSC/MEX

Määttänen A., F. Montmessin, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, A. Spiga and F. Forget. Mesospheric CO2 Clouds on Mars: Hypotheses on their Dynamical and Microphysical Origin

Machtoub G., A. Medvedev and P. Hartogh. Modeling the Seasonal Variability of the H2O Vapor and Ice Clouds in the Martian atmosphere

Madeleine J.-B., F. Forget , A. Spiga , M. Wolff , F. Montmessin , M. Vincendon , D. Jouglet , B. Gondet , J.-P. Bibring , Y. Langevin and B. Schmitt Aphelion Water-Ice Cloud Mapping and Property Retrieval using the OMEGA/MEX imaging spectrometer

Madeleine J.-B., F. Forget and E. Millour. Modeling radiatively active water ice clouds: impact on the thermal structure and water cycle.

Maltagliati L., A. Fedorova, F. Montmessin, J.-L. Bertaux, O. Korablev, A. Reberac. Observations of Water Vapor Vertical Distribution by SPICAM/MEX and their Implications

Marcq E., F. Montmessin, F. Lefèvre and A. Reberac Looking For SO2: A Spectroscopic Study of Martian UV Albedo using SPICAM

Martinez G. M., L. Vazquez and F. Valero. Turbulent Kinetic Energy Budget on Mars. Derivation from Ground-Based Data

Martín-Torres F. Javier, Alejandro Soto, Ian McEwan, Mark Richardson, and Javier Gómez-Elvira. Radiative Transfer and Error Analysis Methods For the MSL/REMS Ground Temperature Sensor

Mason J. P., M. R. Patel and S.R Lewis. Effects of Aerosols on the Observed Irradiance from the Ultraviolet To Near-infrared at the Surface of Mars

McCleese D.J., J.T. Schofield, D.M. Kass, A. Kleinböhl, W.A. Abdou, R.W. Zurek, J.H. Shirley, S.B. Calcutt, P.G. J. Irwin, P.L. Read, F.W. Taylor, N. Teanby, N.G. Heavens, M.I. Richardson, J.L. Bandfield, S.R. Lewis and D.A. Paige. The Martian Lower and Middle atmosphere as Observed by the Mars Climate Sounder.

McConnochie T. H. Planetary Wave Breaking and the "Surf Zone" in the Vicinity of the Martian Polar Vortex

McDunn T., S. Bougher, A. Kleinböhl and F. Forget. Polar Warming in the Martian Atmosphere: An Analysis of Data from Modern Spacecraft

McDunn T., S. Bougher, M. Mischna, J. Murphy and S. Nelli. Modeling Polar Warming at Mars: Preliminary Results of the Newly Vertically Extended Mars-WRF GCM and Comparisons with Constraints from Data

McEwen A., N. Thomas, W.J. Markiewicz, J. Bridges, S. byrne, G. Cremonese, W. Delamere, C. Hansen, E. Hauber, A. Ivanov, L. Kestay, R. Kirk, N. Mangold, M. Massironi, S. Mattson, C. Okubo and J. Wra. HISCI  Experiment On Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter

Medvedev A. S., E. Yigit and P. Hartogh. Effects of Gravity Wave Drag in the Martian atmosphere: Simulations with A GCM

Meslin P-Y., W.V. Boynton, D. Hamara, O. Gasnault, A.E. Metzger, J.-C. Sabroux, F. Forget and the GRS team. Retrieval of Radon Column Densities and Uranium Concentrations from an Analysis of Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectra

Millour E., F. Forget, A. Spiga, S.R. Lewis, L. Montabone, P.L. Read, , M.A. López-Valverde, F. González-Galindo, F. Lefèvre,  F. Montmessin, M.-C. Desjean, , J.-P. Huot. An improved Mars Climate database

Montabone L., M. T. Lemmon, M. D. Smith, M. J. Wolff, F. Forget and E. Millour. Reconciling Dust Opacity Datasets and Building Multi-Annual Dust Scenarios For Mars Atmospheric Models

Montabone L., P. L. Read, S.R. Lewis, M. D. Smith, A. Kleinböhl, D. Kass, T. Schofield and D. J. McCleese. A Five Mars Year Climatology from Data assimilation Using MGS/TES and MRO/MCS Observations

Montmessin F., F. Forget, J.-L. Bertaux, A. Spiga and A. Maattanen. Existence of Supercold atmospheric Layers in the Martian Mesosphere

Montmessin F., F. Lefèvre, J.-L Bertaux and B. Gondet. Transport-Driven Formation of an Ozone Layer at the Mars Winter Poles

Mulholland D. P., P. L. Read, S. R. Lewis and F. Forget. Spatially and Temporally Varying Dust Lifting Thresholds in a Martian GCM

Mumma M. J., G. L. Villanueva, R. E. Novak, Y. L. Radeva, H. U. Kaufl, A. Tokunaga, T. Encrenaz and P. Hartogh. Methane on Mars: Measurements and Possible Origins.

Neary L. and F. Daerden. Modelling the Martian atmosphere using the GEM-Mars GCM

Noble J., R. J. Wilson, R. M. Haberle, J. L. Hollingsworth, M. A. Kahre, J. R. Barnes, A. F. C. Bridger and B. A. Cantor. Comparison of TES FFSM Eddies and MOC Storms, MY24-26

Novak R.E., M. J. Mumma and G. L. Villanueva. Mapping of [H2O], [HDO], and [HDO]/[H2O] on Mars Using Ground Based High-Resolution Spectroscopy

Ogohara K. and T. Satomura.Regionality of Dust Storm Expansion on Mars

Petrova E. V., N. M. Hoekzema, W. J. Markiewicz and N. Thomas. Optical Depth of the Martian atmosphere and Surface Albedo from High Resolution Orbiter Images

Pilorget C., F. Forget, E. Millour, M. Vincendon and J.-B. Madeleine. Dark Spots and Cold Jets in Polar Regions: New Clues from Models

Portyankina G., P. Hartogh, H. Sagawa, and N. Thomas. Retrieval of the Vertical Profiles of Water Vapour in the Martian atmosphere Using PACS onboard Herschel

Rafkin S. C. R. and A. Rothchild. Surface Meteorology at the Proposed MSL Landing Sites

Rafkin S. C. R. Non-Local, Deep Transport in the atmosphere of Mars.

Rafkin S. C. R., A. Rothchild and R. A. Pielke. Wind Enhanced interaction of Radiation and Dust (Weird): Application Under a Realistic Scenario.  

Rannou P., M. Perreux, J.-P. Pommereau and J.-L. Maria. The Optical Depth Sensor (ODS) For Mars and Earth Environments

Read P. L., L. Montabone, D. P. Mulholland, S. R. Lewis, B. Cantor and R. J. Wilson Midwinter Suppression of Baroclinic Storm Activity on Mars: Observations and Models

Riofrio L. M. Astrophysics for A warm, wet early Martian Atmosphere

Ruan T., L. Montabone, D. P. Mulholland, P. L. Read and S. R. Lewis. Dust-Related interannual and intraseasonal Variability of Martian Climate Using Data assimilation

Schofield J. T., D. M. Kass, A. Kleinböhl, D. J. McCleese, M. A. Allen, M. C. Foote, M. Jeganathan, F. Forget, A. Spiga, O. Talagrand, F. Lefèvre, A. Määttänen, T. Fouchet, N. Bowles, S. B. Calcutt, P. G. J. Irwin, P. L. Read, S. R. Lewis, J. R. Barnes, S. W. Bougher and R. M. Haberle. EMCS: the Exomars Climate Sounder (EMCS) Investigation

Schörghofer N. Constraints on Martian Climate History from Icy Impact Craters

Shirley J. H., J. T. Schofield, A. Kleinböhl, D. Kass, D. J. McCleese, J. Benson, and P. Wolkenberg. Comparison of MGS Radio Science Mean Temperature Profiles with Mars Climate Sounder (MCS) Results

Sindoni G., M. Giuranna, A. Geminale and D. Grassi. Planetary Waves in the Martian atmosphere Observed with PFS/MEX Data

Singh U. N., G. D. Emmitt, J.  S. Levine, W.C. Engelund, J. Yu, G. J. Koch and M. J. Kavaya.  A Mars-Orbiting 2-micron LIDAR System to Monitor the Density, Winds and Dust of the Atmosphere of Mars

Smith B. and J. W. Holt. Implications for Current and Past atmospheric Conditions of Mars from Radar Stratigraphic Studies of Spiral Troughs in the North Polar Layered Deposits

Smith D. E. and M. T. Zuber. Volumes of the Seasonal Polar Caps of Mars and Implications for Density

Smith M.D., M. J. Wolff and R. Todd Clancy. Vertical Distribution of Aerosols and Water Vapor Using CRISM Limb Observations

Sonnabend G., D. Stupar, P. Kroetz, M. Sornig, L.Montabone and M. LopezValverde. Mars Mesospheric Winds Around Northern Spring Equinox - Comparison of Observations and Model

Soto A., M.A. Mischna and M.I. Richardson. Ancient Mars and atmospheric Collapse

Spiga A., F. Gonzalez-Galindo, F. Forget, M.A. LopezValverde. Martian Mesospheric CO2 Clouds & Gravity Wave Activity.

Spiga A., F. Forget, J.B. Madeleine, L. Montabone, E. Millour, S. R.
Lewis, D. P. Hinson
Martian Meso/Micro-Scale Winds & Surface Energy Budget.

Steele L., S. R. Lewis, M. R. Patel and R. J. Wilson. Modelling Radiatively Active Water Ice Clouds in the Martian Water Cycle

Stenzel O. J., H. U. Keller, N. M. Hoekzema, W. J. Markiewicz and H. Hoffmann. Limb Observations of the Martian atmosphere with Mars Express' High Resolution Stereo Camera

Stupar D., G. Sonnabend, T. Stangier and M. Sornig. High Resolution Ground-Based Observations of Methane in the Martian atmosphere at 7.8 microns wavelength

Takahashi Y. O., Y.Y. Hayashi, M. Ishiwatari, M. Odaka, K. Nakajima and Y. Morikawa. Development of an Atmospheric General Circulation Model and Sequential Experiments from an Earth-Like Planet to a Mars-Like Planet

Takahashi Y. O., Y.Y. Hayashi, M. Odaka and W. Ohfuchi. High Resolution General Circulation Model Experiments of the Martian atmosphere: Resolution Dependence of Disturbance and Surface Stress

Urata R. A. and O. B. Toon. Simulating the Martian Water Vapor Cycle in the Past and Present using the Community Atmosphere Model

Vandaele A.C., F. Daerden, R. Drummond, E. Neefs, J.-J. López-Moreno, J. Rodriguez Gomez, M. R. Patel, G. Bellucci and the NOMAD team. NOMAD, a Spectrometer Suite for Nadir and Solar Occultation Observations on the Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter

Vincendon M., B. Gondet, C. Pilorget and Y. Langevin. Spatial, Seasonal and Vertical Distribution of Water Ice Cloud Particle Size infered from OMEGA Limb Data

Vincendon M., C. Pilorget, B. Gondet, J.-P. Bibring and S. Murchie. Distribution and Properties of Carbon Dioxide Clouds Derived from CRISM Data

Wennberg P.O., V.J. Hipkin, J.R. Drummond, Dalhousie U., G.C. Toon, M. Allen, J.-F. Blavier, L.R. Brown, A. Kleinböhl, J.P.D. Abbatt, B. Sherwood Lollar, K. Strong, K.A. Walker, P.F. Bernath, R.T. Clancy, E.A. Cloutis, D.J. DesMarais, J.M. Eiler, Y.L. Yung, T. Encrenaz and J.C. McConnell. MATMOS: the Mars atmospheric Trace Molecule Occultation Spectrometer

Whiteway J., L. Komguem and C. Dickinson. Observations of Mars atmospheric Dust and Clouds with the Lidar Instrument on the Phoenix Mission

Wilson E. L., E. M. Georgieva, M. Neveu and H. Jean. A Miniaturized Gas Correlation Radiometer for Mapping Multiple Trace Gases in the Martian atmosphere

Wilson R. J., J. Noble, S. J. Greybush. The Derivation of Atmospheric Opacity from Surface Temperature Observations.

Wilson R. J..Water Ice Clouds and thermal Structure in the Martian Tropics as Revealed by Mars Climate Sounder


Wilson R. J  Dust Cycle Modeling with the GFDL Mars General Circulation Model.

Witasse O. and M. Allen. The Exomars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter

Witasse O., R. Ligi, , P.-L. Blell and , F. Montmessin. Aurora on Mars

Withers P., R. D. Pratt, J.L. Bertaux, F. Montmessin, J. F. Forbes and Y. Moudden. Observations of thermal Tides in the middle atmosphere of Mars by the SPICAM instrument

Wolff M. J., R. T. Clancy, B. Cantor and J-B. Madeleine. Mapping Water Ice Clouds (and Ozone) with MRO/MARCI

Wordsworth R., E. Millour, J-B.Madeleine, R.M. Haberle, V. Eymet. Modelling past Mars Climates and water cycle with a thicker CO2 atmosphere

Yamashita T., M. Odaka, K. Sugiyama, K. Nakajima, M. Ishiwatari, Y. O. Takahashi and Y.-Y. Hayashi. Atmospheric Convection with Condensation of the Major Component

Zalucha A. M. The Effect of Dust on the Martian Hadley Cells in the Presence of Topography at Equinox