The Mars Climate Database Projects

Also available : the Venus Climate Database

The Mars Climate Database

Mars Climate Database version 6.1

     Access the database

The 2016 Mars Climate Database Training Session

General description of the database

The Mars Climate Database user FAQ.

NASA ADS sample list of papers citing the MCD

Other related software which include the MCD or access to it.

NEW: The LMD GCM Solar Occultations Database

The Mars-Earth Calendars

Proceed to the Earth date to martian solar longitude converter.
Proceed to the Mars date (Year and solar longitude) to Earth date converter.

Martian dust Climatology

Access our climatologies of Martian atmospheric dust products.
Access the synthetic dust scenarios used to generate the Mars Climate Database.

Martian small-scale meteorology

Access reference turbulence simulations (Large-Eddy Simulations) for Mars' daytime convection

Mars Through Time

The Mars Through Time ERC project aims at undertanding the past environments on Mars and its geology using new numerical climate models.


LMD Planetology Team's publications in the refereed litterature.

International workshop on Mars atmosphere modelling and observations

Organized by our team

Seventh edition: Paris 2022
Sixth edition: Granada 2017
Fifth edition: Oxford 2014
Fourth edition: Paris 2011
Third edition: Williamsburg 2008
Second edition: Granada 2006
First edition: Granada 2003
Related Event: The 2018 Mars Atmosphere Data Assimilation Workshop

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