Sixth international workshop on the Mars atmosphere:

Modelling and observations


Granada, January 17-20 2017



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Oral presentations are 15 minutes long (12 mn + 3mn questions)


Monday, January 16, 2017


Monday, 19:30: Welcome reception at the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo de Granada (Plaza de Los Campos, City center).


Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Registration: 9:00 - 9:30


Tuesday, 9:30- 11:20


          Welcoming remarks.




Chair: Mike Wolff




          Atmospheric Mars Entry and Landing Investigations & Analysis (AMELIA) by ExoMars 2016 Schiaparelli Entry Descent Module

F. Ferri, O. Karatekin, A. Aboudan, B. VanHove, C. Bettanini, G. Colombatti, S.

Debei, N. Gerbal, S. Lewis, F. Forget


          Global UV Imaging by MAVEN/IUVS: Diurnal Cloud Formation, Dust Storms and Atmospheric Scattering

N. M. Schneider, J. I. Deighan, S. K. Jain, A. D. Derks, M. S. Chaffin, M. Crismani, A. I. F. Stewart, W. E. McClintock, G. M. Holsclaw, B. M. Jakosky, F. Lefèvre, F. Montmessin, M. J. Wolff, A. Stiepen, M. H. Stevens, J. S. Evans, R. V. Yelle, D. Y. Lo, J. T. Clarke


          MCS Observations of the Weather and Climate of Martian Northern Spring and Summer

D. M. Kass, A. Kleinböhl, P. O. Hayne, D. J. McCleese, J. T. Schofield, N. G. Heavens


          Comparisons of Observations and Simulations of the Mars Polar Atmosphere

D. J. McCleese, A. Kleinboehl, D. M. Kass, J. T. Schofield, R. J. Wilson, S. Greybush


Poster in this session: In-situ atmospheric observations from heat shield pressure data: application to Mars Science Laboratory entry flight, status of ExoMars analysis.

B. Van Hove and O. Karatekin




          Gale atmospheric Evolution along the first two Years on Mars of using REMS-MSL Data

J. Gómez-Elvira, I. Carrasco, A. Lepinette, M. Marín, L. Mora, S. Navarro, V. Peinado, J. Pla-Garcia, J. Torres, D. Viúdez-Moreiras,  R. Urqui,  M. de la Torre, C. Newman, G. M. Martínez,  A-M. Harri, M. Genzer and the REMS team


          An Overview of the Dust, CO2 and Water Cycles on Mars as Revealed from In-Situ Environmental Data from the Viking to the Curiosity Rover

G. M. Martínez, A. De Vicente-Retortillo, A. G. Fairén, E. Fischer, M. Genzer, S. D. Guzewich, R. M. Haberle, A.-M. Harri, O. Kemppinen, M. Lemmon, C. Newman, N. Renno, M. Richardson, M. D. Smith, M. Torre-Juárez, A. R. Vasavada


11:20 -11:50 : Coffee break


Tuesday, 11:50 - 13:30:


Chair: Sandrine Guerlet


          Gale Wind Speed Weibull Distribution Based on the First Two Years of REMS Wind Data

D. Viúdez-Moreiras, J. Gómez-Elvira, C. Newman, S. Navarro, M. Marin and the REMS team


Poster in this session: Observations and Simulations of Martian Weather, a Perspective with Data from MSL Curiosity

I. Ordonez-Etxeberria, R. Hueso, A. Sánchez-Lavega.




          Topographic Circulations on Mars: Surface Pressure, Convective Boundary Layers and Network Implications

D. Tyler, J. R. Barnes, R. J. Wilson, J. Murphy


          Assessing atmospheric thermal Forcing from surface Pressure Data: Separating thermal Tides and local Topographic Influence

R. J. Wilson, J. M. Murphy, D. Tyler,


          A Climatological Description of MCS and MCD Thermal Profiles Using a Cluster Analysis

M. A. Lopez-Valverde, A. Cala-Hurtado, S. Jimenez-Monferrer, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, L. Montabone, E. Millour, T. Navarro, F. Forget, G. Marzo, S. Fonti


          Major Challenges in Mars Climate Modeling: Dust, Clouds and Waves

F. Forget, C. Wang, A. Pottier, E. Millour, G. Gilli, M. Vals, V. Zakharov, A. Spiga, T. Navarro, L. Montabone.


          The Challenge of Atmospheric Data Assimilation : Illustration with the LMD GCM, MCS Observations and a Kalman Filter Method

T. Navarro, E. Millour and F. Forget


Poster in this session: Eddy Diffusivity Mass Flux Parameterization for Non-Dusty Martian Boundary Layers: A Progress Report

N.G. Heavens, M.L. Witek, C.E. Newman


Poster in this session: Interoperable Mars Atmosphere Data Services

S. Erard, Z. Yin, B. Cecconi, E. Millour, A. Määttänen, P. Le Sidaner,


13:30 - 15:30: Lunch break


Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:00


Chair: Håkan Svedhem




          MARS EXPRESS: Mission Status, Recent Findings and future Plans

D. Titov, A. Cardesin, P. Martin, T. Duxbury, F. Forget, M. Giuranna, F. González-Galindo, M. Holmström, R. Jaumann, A.Määttänen, F. Montmessin , R. Jaumann, R. Orosei, M. Pätzold, J. Plaut, and MEX SGS Team.


          A “New” Scientific Camera around Mars, Getting Science with Visual Monitoring Camera onboard Mars Express

A. Cardesín Moinelo, A. Sánchez-Lavega, M. Almeida, D. Titov. , S. Wood, T. del Río-Gaztelurrutia, H. Chen Chen, R. Hueso, M Breitfellner, E. Grotheer and P. Martin.


          12 Years of atmospheric Monitoring by the planetary Fourier Spectrometer onboard Mars Express

Marco Giuranna, P. Wolkenberg, D. Grassi, A. Aronica,  S. Aoki, V. Formisano,  D. Scaccabarozzi,  B. Saggin


Poster in this session: Still unexploited atmospheric OMEGA/MEx Observations

B. Gondet, J.-P. Bibring, M. Vincendon




          Mars in Context: Comparative Atmospheric Circulation of Terrestrial Planets

P. L. Read, F. Tabataba-Vakili, A. Valeanu, Y. Wang, R. M. B. Young


          Forced & Free Atmospheric Waves in MRO/MCS Data: Observations and E-P Flux Divergences

D. Banfield and the MCS Science Team.


17:00 - 17:30 : Tea break


Tuesday, 17:30 - 19:00


Chair: Michael Battalio


          Detection of Northern Hemisphere Transient Baroclinic Eddies at Gale Crater Mars

R.M. Haberle, M.A. Kahre, M. De La Torre, D.M. Kass, J.R. Barnes


          Extratropical Weather Systems on Mars: Radiatively-Active Water Ice Cloud Effects

J.L. Hollingsworth, M.A. Kahre, R.M. Haberle, R.A. Urata, F. Montmessin .


          Traveling Weather Systems in the Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS)

Steven J. Greybush, R. J. Wilson, H. Gillespie, E. Kalnay, M. Wespetal, T. Nehrkorn, S. M. Leidner, R. Hoffman


          Mars’ Annular Polar Vortices: Cause and Stability

D. W. Waugh, A. D. Toigo, S. D. Guzewich, W. J. M. Seviour, R. K. Scott


          Ertel Potential Vorticity, Bernoulli Streamfunction, Planetary-Scale Hydraulic Jumps, and Transonic Jet-Streaks in a Re-Analysis of the Martian Atmosphere

Stephen R. Lewis, Timothy E. Dowling, Mary Elizabeth Bradley, Peter L. Read


Poster in this session. Eddy Energetics of the Southern Hemisphere of Mars from the Mars Analysis Correction Data Assimilation (MACDA)

J. M. Battalio, I. Szunyogh and M. Lemmon.


Poster in this session. Transient Eddies in the Mars Atmosphere: Two Regimes

J.R. Barnes.


Poster in this session.  Wavenumber-Frequency Spectra of Atmospheric Temperature, Zonal and Meridional Winds in Low Latitudes on Mars

K. Ogohara


Poster in this session. Spectrally resolved energetics of the Martian atmosphere

A. M. Valeanu, P.L. Read, F. Tabataba-Vakili, and L. Montabone


19:00 End of session


Evening event: "Flamenco show and dinner" at Peña la Platería (Placeta de Toqueros, 7) in the Albaizin quarter (details given at the conference)



Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Wednesday, 10:00- 11:30


Chair: Roland Young




          Study of Gravity Waves Distribution and Propagation in the Thermosphere of Mars based on Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter And MAVEN Density Measurements

M. Vals, F. Forget, A. Spiga, L. Montabone, E. Millour


          Gravity Waves and their Effects from the Martian Troposphere to Thermosphere

A. S. Medvedev, E. Yiğit, T. Kuroda, Ch. Mockel, P. Hartogh


          Simulation of Gravity Wave Fields and Their Effects on the Large-scale Flow in the Martian Atmosphere Using a High-resolution General Circulation Model

T. Kuroda, A.S. Medvedev, P. Hartogh, E. Yiğit


          On the Impact of Non-Orographic Gravity Waves in the LMD Mars Global Climate Model

G. Gilli, F. Forget, A. Spiga, T. Navarro, L. Montabone, E. Millour.


          Sensitivity of Radiatively Active Water Ice Clouds on Gravity Wave Drag in the GEM-Mars GCM

L. Neary, F. Daerden


Announcement :

The book “The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars” (Cambridge University Press) will be released in 2017

R. M. Haberle, R. T. Clancy, F. Forget, M. D. Smith, R. W. Zurek and all the book authors.


11:30 - 12:00 : Coffee break


Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:40:


Chair: Armin Kleinboehl






          Aerosol Optical Depth as Observed by the Mars Science Laboratory REMS UV Photodiodes

M. D. Smith, M.-P. Zorzano, M. Lemmon, J. Martín-Torres, T. Mendaza de Cal


          Variability of Dust Aerosol Particle Size at Gale Crater Using Mastcam and REMS UV Measurements

A. De Vicente-Retortillo, G. M. Martínez, N. O. Renno, M. T. Lemmon, M. de la Torre-Juárez


          Dust Devils and Convective Vortices detected by MSL

H. Kahanpää, C. Newman, J. Moores, M.-P. Zorzano, S. Navarro, A. Lepinette, J. Martín-Torres, P. Valentín-Serrano, B. Cantor, M. T. Lemmon, A. Ullán, W. Schmidt


Poster in this session: A Quick Look Estimation of Optical Depth Measurements from the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station Ultraviolet Sensors

E. Mason, M. Lemmon, M. de la Torre, M. Smith


Poster in this session: Dust on Mars From Navcam and Hazcam Images on MSL

Hao Chen-Chen , Santiago Pérez-Hoyos, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega.


Poster in this session: The Mars Science Laboratory Dust Storm Campaign

S. D. Guzewich, C.E. Newman,M. de la Torre, M. Lemmon, E. Mason, M. Battalio,M-P. Zorzano Mier, J. Moores, C.A. Moore, J. L. Kloos, G.M. Martinez, M.D. Smith,  and the MSL Science Team




          Characterization of Dust Activity from MY27 to MY32 Observed by PFS-MEx

P. Wolkenberg, M. Giuranna, S. Aoki, A. Mahieux


          On the Dustiest Locations on Mars from Observations

L. Montabone, B. Cantor, F. Forget, D. Kass, A. Kleinböhl, M. D. Smith, M. J. Wolff


          Bridging the Scales: What Local Dust Storms can tell us about Regional and Global Dust Events and vice versa

N. G. Heavens


Poster in this session: Improvements in Limb Retrievals of TES Solarband and IR Data (and MCS Solarband Data)

M. J. Wolff, A. A. Pankine


Poster in this session. Developing a Unified TES and MGS Relational Database

A. Egan and S.C. R. Rafkin.


13:40 - 15:30: Lunch break


Wednesday, 15:30 - 16:55


Chair: Scott Guzewich




          Orbit-Spin Coupling and the Circulations of Planetary Atmospheres: Insights Gained from Numerical Modeling with the MarsWRF GCM

J. H. Shirley, M. A. Mischna


          The Role of Dust Feedback on the Orbit-Spin Coupling Hypothesis of Global Dust Storm Formation on Mars

M. A. Mischna, J. H Shirley, C. E. Newman


          Toward Simulating Realistic, Self-Consistent, and Potentially Predictable Dust Cycles and Storms in Mars Global Atmospheric Models

C. E. Newman, M. I. Richardson, M. A. Mischna, J. H Shirley




          A Solar Escalator on Mars: Self-Lifting of Dust Layers by Radiative Heating

F. Daerden, J. A. Whiteway, L. Neary, L. Komguem, M. T. Lemmon, N. G. Heavens, B. A. Cantor,  E. Hébrard, and M. D. Smith.


          The Evolution, Dynamics and Structure of a Numerically Modeled Large Dust Storm on Mars

S. C. R. Rafkin, J. Pla-Garcia


16:55 - 17:25 : Tea break


Wednesday, 17:25 - 18:30


Chair: Kazunori Ogohara


          The Effect of Model Resolution on Wind-Stress Dust Lifting within the LMD/UK Mars Global Circulation Model

R. M. Chapman, S. R. Lewis, M. Balme and L. J. Steele.


Poster in this session. Quantifying the Impact of Local Dust Storms on Martian Atmosphere Using the LMD/UK Mars Global Climate Model

A. El-Said, S.R. Lewis, M.R. Patel, F. Forget.


Poster in this session: Wind induced Dust Erosion in Low Gravity

M. Kruss, T. Demirci, G. Musiolik, B. Schrinski, G. Wurm


Poster in this session. Prevailing Dust Storms Over the Hellas Basin on Mars Around Southern Spring Equinox

K. C. Chow and K. L. Chan.


Poster in this session: High Resolution Simulations of Dust Devils and Global Circulation of the Martian atmosphere

Y. O. Takahashi, S. Nishizawa, H. Yashiro, Y. Sato, Y. Miyamoto, H. Tomita, Y.-Y. Hayashi, M. Odaka, M. Ishiwatari, K. Sugiyama, K. Nakajima, S. Takehiro


Poster in this session: Effects of Radiatively Active Clouds on Wind Stress Dust Lifting during Northern Hemisphere Summer on Mars

V. Jha , M. A. Kahre


Poster in this session: Investigating the Role of Advection Processes in Improved Martian Dust Assimilation Techniques for Exomars

P. M. Streeter, S. R. Lewis, M. R. Patel, L. J. Steele


Poster in this session: Regional and global dust storms on Mars investigated using data assimilation

T. Ruan, R. M. B. Young, P. L. Read, S. R. Lewis and L. Montabone




          Modeling the Effects of Dust Size Distribution, Composition, and Charging Physics on the Electric Environment of Martian Dust Devils

E. L. Barth, W. M. Farrell and S. C. R. Rafkin.


Poster in this session. Simulating Triboelectric Charging of Chemically-Identical Grains under Near-Surface Martian Conditions

J.S. Méndez Harper, J. Dufek




          Light Scattering by Martian Dust Analogues

O. Muñoz, J. EscobarCerezo, D. Guirado, F. Moreno


          Properties of a Local Dust Storm on Atlantis Chaos, Mars

F. Oliva, A. Geminale, F. Altieri, G. Bellucci, F.G. Carrozzo,  E. D’Aversa, G. Sindoni, D. Grassi


Poster in this session. Far Infrared Spectroscopic Parameters of Mars Atmospheric Aerosols and their Application to MCS Retrievals in High Aerosol Conditions

A. Kleinböhl, L. Chen, J. T. Schofield


Poster in this session: Aerosol Properties during the 2007 Global Dust Storm (MY28): Solar Infrared Occultation Observations by SPICAM

D. S. Betsis, A. A. Fedorova, O. I. Korablev, J.-L. Bertaux, F. Montmessin


18:30: Announcement (5') :


          The "Cross Drive" Immersive Virtual Reality Tools demo at the poster session

M. Giuranna, A. Gerndt and the Cross Drive project team.


18:35 End of session


18:35  Posters & Snack session



Thursday, January 19, 2017


Thursday, 10:00- 11:40


Chair: Anni Määttänen




          Seasonal Evolution and Energy Budget of the South Residual Polar Cap of Mars from CRISM and HiRISE Observations

C. Pilorget, S. Douté, M. Vincendon


          Near-Surface Non-Condensable Gas Enrichment in the Martian Polar Regions from MCS Surface Observations

S. Piqueux, A. Kleinböhl, P. Hayne, D. Kass, J. Schofield, D. McCleese, M. Richardson


Poster in this session: CO2 Supersaturation by Atmospheric Waves in the Martian Polar Nights

K. Noguchi, T. Kuroda, H. Hayashi


Abstract only: An Improved Carbon Dioxide Snow Spectral Albedo Model: Application to Martian Conditions

D. Singh, M. G. Flanner






          Water Vapor and Aerosols from Chemcam Passive Sky Observations

T. H. McConnochie, M. D. Smith, M. J. Wolff, S. Bender, M. Lemmon, R. C. Wiens, S. Maurice, O. Gasnault, J. Lasue, P.-Y. Meslin, A.-M. Harri, M. Genzer, O. Kemppinen, G. M. Martínez, L. DeFlores, D. Blaney, J. R. Johnson, J. F. Bell III


          Vertical Water Vapor Distribution at Phoenix

L. K. Tamppari and M. T. Lemmon


          The Distribution of Mars Water Vapor Versus Altitude, Season, and Latitude as Derived from Global Comparisons of CRISM Retrieved and LMD GCM Simulated O2(1δg) Dayglow Profiles

R. T. Clancy, B. Sandor, M. Wolff, F. Lefèvre, T. Navarro, M. Smith, T. McConnochie, S. Murchie, H. Nair, and A. Toigo.


          Water Vapor Retrievals over North Polar Craters with Ice Mounds: Constraints on Sublimation Rates

G.D. McDonald, L. Ojha, T.H. McConnochie, M.D. Smith, J.J. Wray


11:40 - 12:10 : Coffee break


Thursday, 12:10 - 13:45


Chair: David Klassen


          Ice Cloud Retrieval in the Martian Atmosphere Using SPICAM/UV.

Y. Willame, A. C. Vandaele, B. Gondet, F. Montmessin.


          The Distributions of retrieved Properties from Water Ice Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere using The OMEGA Imaging Spectrometer

K. S.Olsen, F. Forget, J.B.Madeleine,A. Szantai, J. Audouard, A. Geminale, F. Altieri, G. Bellucci, L. Montabone, M. J. Wolff


Poster in this session. Water Vapor in the Middle Atmosphere of Mars during the Southern Summer Season by SPICAM/MEX

A. Fedorova, D. Betsis, O. Korablev, J.-L. Bertaux, F. Montmessin, L. Maltagliati, Clarke J.


Poster in this session. Construction of a 4D water ice cloud database from Mars Express / OMEGA  observations - Derivation of the diurnal Martian cloud life cycle

A. Szantai, J. Audouard, F. Forget, J.-B. Madeleine, A. Pottier, E. Millour, B. Gondet, Y. Langevin, J.-P. Bibring




          Updates on Modeling the Water Cycle with the NASA Ames Mars Global Climate Model

M. A. Kahre, R. M. Haberle, J. L. Hollingsworth, F. Montmessin, A. S. Brecht, R. Urata, D. R. Klassen, M. J. Wolff


          Nighttime Convection by Water-Ice Clouds on Mars

A. Spiga, D. P. Hinson, J.-B. Madeleine, T. Navarro, E. Millour, F. Forget, F. Montmessin


Poster in this session. Hydrological Cycle in the General Circulation Model of the Martian Atmosphere

D. S. Shaposhnikov, A. V. Rodin, A. S. Medvedev, P. Hartogh


Poster in this session. Modeling MARCI and TES Aphelion Cloud Belt Optical Depth Peak Differences with the Ames MGCM

D. R. Klassen, M. A. Kahre, M. J.Wolff, R. M. Haberle, J. L. Hollingsworth


Poster in this session: Significance of Topography-driven Vertical Transport on the Global Water Cycle on Mars

R. A. Urata, M. Kahre, J. Hollingsworth.


Poster in this session: Simulation of the Water Cycle Including HDO/H2O Isotopic Fractionation on the Present Mars Using Dramatic MGCM

T. Kuroda




          Experimental Recreation of the diurnal Cycle at the Phoenix landing Site – Investigating the Formation and Persistence of Brine

E. Fischer, G. M. Martínez, N. O. Renno


          Laboratory Studies of Deliquescence and Adsorption at the Surface of Mars with Raman Scattering

G. Nikolakakos, J. Whiteway


13:45 - 15:30: Lunch break


Thursday, 15:30 - 16:50


Chair: Zachary Girazian






          Temperature Profiles and Wave Structures observed with IUVS/MAVEN Stellar Occultations

H. Gröller, R. V. Yelle, T. Koskinen, F. Montmessin, G. Lacombe, S. Jain, J. Deighan, N. M. Schneider, H. Nakagawa, A. S. Medvedev


          Variability of the Thermospheric Temperature and Wind Structure of Mars: MAVEN NGIMS Measurements and Corresponding Global Model Simulations

S. W. Bougher, K. J. Roeten, Ann Arbor, P. R. Mahaffy, M. Benna, M. K. Elrod, J. M. Bell and B. M. Jakosky.


          Martian Thermosphere in MAVEN/IUVS Data and MPI-MGCM

C. Mockel, A. S. Medvedev, P. Hartogh, E. Yiğit, H. Nakagawa, N. Terada, T. Kuroda, K. Seki, S. Evans, N. M. Schneider, S.K. Jain, J. I. Deighan, W. E. McClintock, B. M. Jakosky, D. Lo,


          Study of the Mars thermospheric Temperatures during the southern polar Winter

F. González-Galindo, M.A. López-Valverde, A. CalaHurtado, E. Millour, F. Forget


          Non-LTE Retrievals of CO2 in the Martian Atmosphere from OMEGA limb data

S. Jiménez-Monferrer, B. Funke, M. A. Lopez-Valverde, M. Garcıa-Comas, M. Lopez-Puertas


16:50 - 17:20 : Tea break


Thursday, 17:20 - 19:00


Chair: Matt Fillingim




          Atmospheric Abundances Retrieved from IUVS/MAVEN Stellar Occultations

R. V. Yelle, H. Gröller, T. Koskinen, F. Montmessin, G. Lacombe, F. Lefèvre, S. Jain, J. Deighan, N. M. Schneider


          Nitric Oxide Nightglow Mapping from IUVS Images and Implications for Seasonal transport in Mars’ Mesosphere

A. Stiepen, A. I. F. Stewart, S. K. Jain, N. M. Schneider, J. I. Deighan, F. Gonzàlez-Galindo, J.-C. Gérard, M. H. Stevens, S. Bougher, Z. Milby, J. S. Evans, M. S. Chaffin, W. E. Mcclintock, J. T. Clarke, G. M. Holsclaw, F. Montmessin, F. Lefèvre, D. Y. Lo, B. M. Jakosky


          MAVEN/IUVS Dayglow Observations: Martian Thermospheric Response to Solar EUV and XUV

S. K. Jain, A. I. F. Stewart, J. I. Deighan, N. M. Schneider, M. M. J. Crismani, M. S. Chaffin, W. E. McClintock, E. M. B. Thiemann, F. Eparvier, B. M. Jakosky, M. H. Stevens, J. S. Evans, P. C. Chamberlin


          Martian ultraviolet Aurora : Results of Model Simulations

J.-C. Gérard, L. Soret, V.I. Shematovich, D.V. Bisikalo


          Recent Simulation of the Martian Upper Atmosphere from Global Circulation Model and Global Exospheric Model and First Comparisons with MAVEN/IUVS Observations

J-Y. Chaufray, F. Leblanc, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, M.A Lopez-Valverde, F. Forget, J. Deighan, M.S. Chaffin, N.M. Schneider, S. Jain,  F.G. Eparvier, E.M.B. Thiemann, B. Jakosky and P.C. Chamberlin.


          High Altitude Water Powers Mars H Escape

M.S. Chaffin, J. Deighan, N.M. Schneider and A.I.F. Stewart.


Poster in this session: A global empirical Model of the Thermosphere of Mars based on in situ Mass Spectrometer Data

Z. Girazian, P. Mahaffy, M. Benna, M. Elrod, D. Drob, S. Bougher


Poster in this session: Seasonal Variations of the Atomic Oxygen on Mars’ Upper Atmosphere Derived from the O I 130.4 nm Triplet Observed by MAVEN/IUVS

J-Y. Chaufray , J. Deighan, N.M. Schneider, S. Jain, A.I.F. Stewart, M.S. Chaffin, F.G. Eparvier, E.M.B. Thiemann, B. Jakosky, J.T Clarke, P.C. Chamberlin.


Poster in this session: Three Types of Aurora observed by MAVEN/IUVS: Implications for Mars’ upper Atmosphere Energy Budget

K. Connour, N.M. Schneider, S.K. Jain, J.I. Deighan, M.S. Chaffin, A. Stiepen, C. Nasr, D. Brain, X. Fang, A.I.F. Stewart, M.J. Crismani, W.E. McClintock, G.M. Holsclaw, B. Jakosky, J.T. Clarke, M. Mayyasi, J.S. Evans, J.C. Gerard, L. Soret, D. Larson, D.L. Mitchell, C.O. Lee, R. Lillis,C. Mazelle, J.S. Halekas, M.H. Stevens, F. Lefevre, F. Montmessin,


Poster in this session. Global Simulation of UV atmospheric Emissions

F. González-Galindo, M.A. López-Valverde, F. Forget, A. Stiepen, J.C. Gérard, N.M. Schneider, S.K. Jain, J. Deighan, J.L. Bertaux


Poster in this session: Total Atmospheric Loss from Upper-Atmospheric Structure of 36Ar/38Ar Observed by MAVEN

M. Slipski, B. M. Jakosky, M. Benna, P. Mahaffy, M. K. Elrod, R. Yelle, S. Stone, N. Alsaeed


Poster in this session:  Using ionospheric Currents to infer ionospheric electric Fields and thermospheric Winds from MAVEN Observations

M. O. Fillingim, A. Fogle, P. Dunn, J. P. McFadden, J. E. P. Connerney, P. R. Mahaffy, M. Benna, R. E. Ergun, L. Andersson


Poster in this session: A Persistent Meteoric Metal Layer in Mars’ Atmosphere

M. M. J. Crismani, N. M. Schneider, J. M. C. Plane, J. S. Evans, S. K. Jain, J. D. Carrillo-Sanchez, M. H. Stevens, J. I. Deighan, M. S. Chaffin, R. V. Yelle, A. I. F. Stewart, W. McClintock, J. Clarke, A. Stiepen, G. M. Holsclaw, F. Montmessin,  & B. M. Jakosky.


Abstract only: Composition, vertical Structure, and Variability of the Nightside Ionosphere of Mars.

Z. Girazian, P. Mahaffy, M. Benna, M. Elrod, R. Lillis


19:00 End of session


Conference Dinner at "Carmen de los Mártires", close to the Alhambra.

­   Bus leaves from the Hotel Granada Center at 20:15

­   You can directly walk to the place, to be there at 20:45


Friday, January 20, 2017


Friday, 10:00- 11:40


Chair: Séverine Robert




          Characterization of High Altitude Clouds at the Martian Limb and Terminator Using MAVEN IUVS Observations

J. Deighan, M. H. Stevens, N. M. Schneider, S. K. Jain, F. Lefèvre, M. Wolff, F. Montmessin, A. Stiepen, J. S. Evans, M. S. Chaffin, M. Crismani, R. V. Yelle, D. Y. Lo, A. I. F. Stewart, W. E. McClintock, J. T. Clarke, G. M. Holsclaw, B. M. Jakosky.


          Gravity Wave-induced High Altitude Ice Clouds on Mars

E. Yigit, A. S. Medvedev, P. Hartogh, T. Kuroda, D. E. Siskind


          Micrometeoric Ablation Biproducts as a High Altitude Source for Ice Nuclei in the Present Day Martian Atmosphere

V. L. Hartwick, O. B. Toon


Poster in this session: Mapping the Mesospheric CO2 Clouds on Mars

A. Leboucher, A. Määttänen, J. Audouard, B. Gondet, F. Montmessin


Poster in this session: Mars CO2 Ice Clouds Properties from OMEGA/MEx Observations Coupled to Radiative Transfer Modeling

C. Pilorget, A. De La Gorce, M. Vincendon, B. Gondet, J.-P. Bibring


Poster in this session: A Complete CO2 Ice Clouds Model for GCMs and Mesoscale Models

J. Audouard, A. Määttänen, C. Listowski, F. Forget, A. Spiga and E. Millour.




          Mars Ozone mapping with MAVEN IUVS

F. Lefèvre, F. Montmessin, N. M. Schneider, J. Deighan, S. K. Jain, A. I. F. Stewart, M. S. Chaffin, M. Crismani, W. E. McClintock, G. M. Holsclaw, B. M. Jakosky, A. Stiepen, D. Y. Lo, R. Yelle, J. T. Clarke


          On the Link between Martian Total Ozone and Potential Vorticity

J. A. Holmes, S. R. Lewis, M. R. Patel


          Hydrogen Peroxide on Mars during Northern Summer: Observations and Models

T. Encrenaz, T. Fouchet, B. Bézard, T. K. Greathouse,, F. Lefèvre , F. Montmessin, S. K. Atreya


Poster in this session:  Vertical Distribution of Ozone at the Terminator on Mars

A. Määttänen, F. Lefevre, S. Guilbon, C. Listowski, F. Montmessin


Poster in this session: Ground-Based High-Resolution Infrared and Submillimeter Searches for the Release of Volcanic Gases on Mars

A. SJ. Khayat, G. L. Villanueva, M. J. Mumma, A. T. Tokunaga


Poster in this session:  NASA Ames Mars GCM with Photochemisty: Modeling O2 IR Nightglow Emission

A. S. Brecht, M. Kahre


Poster in this session: Improved GEM-Mars GCM with Atmospheric Chemistry

F. Daerden, L. Neary, R. T. Clancy, M. D. Smith.


Poster in this session:  Transient Layers of Atmospheric Methane on Mars after Surface Release: a Model Study

S. Viscardy, F. Daerden, L. Neary


Poster in this sesssion: CH4-rich Clathrate Hydrate Stability Zone in the present Martian Subsurface

E. Gloesener, O. Karatekin, V. Dehant,


Poster in this session: Gas Transport in Martian Regolith by Thermal Creep

A. Kraemer, T. Steinpilz, M. Koester, J. Teiser, G. Wurm


11:40 - 12:10: Coffee break


Friday, 12:10 - 13:40


Chair: Laura Kerber




          Mars Climate History: A Geological Perspective

J. W. Head


          The Ice-Covered Lakes Hypothesis in Gale Crater: Implications for the Early Hesperian Climate

A. M. Kling, R. M. Haberle, C. P. McKay, T. F. Bristow, F. Rivera-Hernandez,


          Reducing Greenhouse Solutions on Early Mars

R. Wordsworth, Y. Kalugina, S. Lokshtanov, B. Ehlmann, J. Head, C. Sanders, H.Wang


          Catastrophic events: possible solutions to the Early Mars enigma

M. Turbet, F. Forget, V. Svetsov, O. Popova, C. Gillmann, O. Karatekin, Q. Wallemacq, J.W. Head, R. Wordsworth


          Impact Cratering as the Cause of Climate Change, Atmospheric Alteration, and Late Noachian Valley Network Formation on Mars: an Assessment

A. M. Palumbo, J. W. Head


13:40 - 15:30: Lunch break


Friday, 15:30 - 1­6:50


Chair: Colin Wilson


          Progress in Climate/Groundwater Modeling of Ancient Mars

A. Soto, J. C. Andrews-Hanna, D. G. Horvath


          Photochemical Escape of the Martian Atmosphere, Today and through Time

R. J. Lillis, J. Deighan, J. L. Fox, S.W. Bougher, Y. Lee, M. Combi, F. Leblanc, T. E. Cravens, A. Rahmati, B. M. Jakosky.


Poster in this session. Late Noachian Icy Highlands Climate Model: Exploring the Possibility of Transient Melting and Fluvial/Lacustrine Activity through Peak Temperatures

A. M. Palumbo, J. W. Head, R. D. Wordsworth


Poster in this session: Exploring Post-Impact Climate Conditions for Early Mars with the Ames GCM

K. E. Steakley, J. R. Murphy, M. Kahre, R. Haberle.


Poster in this session: Formation of the Martian Polar Layered Deposits: Quantifying Polar Water Ice and Dust Deposition in Present and Past Orbital Epochs with the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model

J. A. Emmett and J. R. Murphy .




          The NOMAD Spectrometer Suite on the ExoMars 2016 Orbiter: Current Status (Invited paper)

I. R. Thomas, A. C. Vandaele, E. Neefs, B. Ristic, L. Hetey, A. Mahieux, S. Robert, F. Daerden, C. Depiesse, J. P. Mason, M. R. Patel, J. J. Lopez Moreno, G. Bellucci, and the NOMAD team


          Science Investigation of the Atmospheric Chemistry Suite on Exomars TGO (Invited paper)

O. Korablev, N.I. Ignatiev, A.A. Fedorova, A.Yu.Trokhimovskiy, A.V. Grigoriev, A.V. Shakun,  F. Montmessin, F.Lefevre, F. Forget.


          The Micro-ARES experiment as part of the DREAMS meteorological suite onboard Schiaparelli: a promise and a demise

F. Montmessin, G. Déprez, O. Witasse, R. Trautner, F. Vivat, R. Hassen-Kodja, P. Granier, L. Lapauw, J.-J. Berthelier, F. Esposito, S. Debei, A. Aboudan, C. Bettanini


16:50 - 17:20 : Tea break


Friday, 17:20 - 18:45


Chair: Manish Patel


          Atmospheric sciences on INSIGHT 2018 (invited paper)

D. Banfield, A. Spiga et al.


          Wind Noise and Sound Propagation Experiments in the Aarhus Mars Atmosphere Simulation Chamber

R. D. Lorenz, J. Merrison, J. J. Iversen


          Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Overview (invited paper)

O. Sharaf, S. Amiri, S. AlMheiri, M. Wali, Z. AlShamsi, A. AlRais, I. AlQasim, K. AlHarmoodi, N. AlTeneiji, H. Almatroushi, Me. AlShamsi, Ma. AlShamsi, E. AlTeneiji, A. AlJanaahi, M. McGrath, P. Withnell, N. Ferrington, H. Reed, B. Landin, D. Brain, J. Deighan, M. Chaffin, G. Holsclaw, G. Drake,. C. Edwards, , M. Wolff, R. Lillis,.M. Smith, F. Forget.


          Mars Atmospheric Measurements planned at Exomars 2020 Surface Platform (invited paper)

D. Rodionov, O. Korablev, L.M. Zelenyi, J. Vago 


          Atmospheric Science with the Mars 2020 Rover (invited paper)

J.A. Rodriguez-Manfredi, F. Gomez-Gomez, J. Gomez-Elvira, S. Navarro, O. Prieto-Ballesteros, E. Sebastian, M. de la Torre, J.T. Schofield, L.K. Tamppari, N.T. Bridges, P. G. Conrad, M. Smith, M. Genzer, A-M. Harri, M. Lemmon, G. Martinez, C. Newman, M. Ramos, A. Saiz-Lopez, and the MEDA team.


Poster in this session. Retrieval of gas and aerosols vertical profiles by means of limb observations considering multiple scattering of the PFS/MEx and NOMAD/ExoMars instruments

A. Mahieux, G. Bellucci, S. Aoki, P. Wolkenberg, H. Iwabuchi, Y. Kasaba, H. Nakagawa, M. Giuranna, A.C. Vandaele


Poster in this session: Preparing for the Retrievals of Temperature vertical Profiles from ExoMars TGO/ACS spectra

S. Guerlet, T. Fouchet, T.,F.  Forget, N., Ignatiev, O. Korablev


Poster in this session: Synergistic Atmospheric Retrievals: Martian CO as a Test-Case

S. Robert, F. Montmessin, S. Ferron, F. Altieri, G. Bellucci, A. Geminale, M. Giuranna, G. Sindoni, S. Aoki, A. Piccialli, A. C. Vandaele


Poster in this session: Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission : Emirates Exploration Imager (EXI)

M. AlShamsi, M. Wolff, M. Khoory, A. Jones, G. Drake, and the EXI Team.


Poster in this session: Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission: Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer (EMIRS) Overview

E. Altunaiji, C. S. Edwards, M. D. Smith, P. R. Christensen, and the EMIRS Team


Poster in this session: Scientific Payload of the Emirates Mars Mission: Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer (EMUS) Overview

H. Almatroushi, F. Lootah, G. Holsclaw, J. Deighan, M. Chaffin and the EMUS Team, R. Lillis, M. Fillingim, S. England,


Poster in this session: Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer’s (EMUS) Prediction of Martian EUV Disk Emissions

F. Lootah, J. Deighan, M. Fillingim


Poster in this session: An average empirical FUV Model of Airglow for Oxygen OI 135.6 nm Emission Line in the Martian Atmosphere for Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer Instrument Simulator

H. Almatroushi, J. Deighan, M. Fillingim, S. Jain and N. Schneider.


Poster in this session: Observing  Atmospheric Angular momentum variations with LaRa (Lander Radioscience) onboard the 2020 ExoMars surface platform

O. Karatekin, V. Dehant and S. LeMaistre


Poster in this session.  Meteorological Predictions for Mars2020 Exploration Rover High-Priority Landing Sites

J. Pla-García, S. C. R. Rafkin, A. G. Fairen


Poster in this session.  A Submillimeter Sounder For Measuring Martian Winds Water Vapor and Temperature

L. K. Tamppari, N. J. Livesey, W. G. Read, G. Chattopadhyay, R. T. Clancy, F. Forget, P. Hartogh


19:00 End of meeting


20:00: Optional visit of the Alhambra