Seventh international workshop on the Mars atmosphere: Modelling and observations

Paris, June 14-17 2022

Poster Sessions Program


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The recommended poster size is about 90 cm wide x 100-120 cm high (i.e. A0 portrait format).

·       First authors whose last name begins with [A-J]: poster up from Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon   (Poster Session on Tuesday June 14, 17:30- 20:00)

·       First authors whose last name begins with [K-Z]: poster up from Thursday morning to Wednesday afternoon   (Poster Session on Thursday June 16, 17:30- 20:00)




Mars Atmosphere Simulations with The ROCKE-3d GCM: Sensitivity to Interactive H2O Snow and Radiatively Active Dust Cycle.

I. Aleinov, J. P. Perlwit, K. Tsigaridis, S. D., Guzewich, M. J. Way, E. T. Wolf.


Simulating Mars' climate using the Met Office Unified Model.

D. Mcculloch


GEM-MARS Database for Interpolated Atmopsheres

J. Erwin, F. Daerden, L. Neary, L. Trompet, A. C. Vandaele, S. Viscardy


Mars Atmosphere as Seen by Atmospheric Chemistry Suite Onboard ExoMars TGO.

O. Korablev, F. Montmessin and the ACS team


NOMAD on Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter: Observations, Calibration, and Publicly Available Data.

I. R. Thomas, L. Trompet, Y. Willame, A. Piccialli, J.T. Erwin, A.C. Vandaele, B. Ristic, S. Robert, Z.Flimon, F. Vanhellemont, F. Daerden, L. Neary, S. Viscardy, C. Depiesse), S. Aoki, M.R. Patel, J.J. Lopez Moreno, G. Bellucci,


Emirates Mars Mission 2020: Emirates Exploration Imager (EXI) Status Update.

M. J. Wolff, M. Al Shamsi, C. Jeppesen, A. R. Jones, M.M. Osterloo, R. Shuping, C. Edwards, J. Espejo, C. Fisher, J. Knavel, E. Pilinski, A. Fernando


Visualizing and Analyzing Martian Atmospheric Data in JMARS.

S.L. Dickenshied, C.S. Edwards, P.R. Christensen, S. Anwar, D.D. Noss, M.M. Osterloo


MeteoMars, a Tool to Explore Meteorological Events on Mars.
I. Ordóñez-Etxeberria, A.Sánchez-Lavega, T. Ordorika, R. Hueso




Mars 2020 MEDA Measurements of Near Surface Atmospheric Temperatures at Jezero.

A. Munguira, R. Hueso, A. Sánchez-Lavega, M. de la Torre-Juarez, G. Martinez, C. Newman, J. Pla-García, D. Banfield, A. Vicente-Retortillo, A. Lepinette, J. A. Rodríguez-Manfredi, B. Chide, T. Bertrand, M. Lemmon, E. Sebastian, S. Navarro, J. Gómez-Elvira, J. Torres, J. Martín-Soler, J. Romeral, R. Lorenz


Albedo and Thermal Inertia at Jezero Crater During the First 350 Sols of the Mars 2020 Mission.

G.M. Martínez, E. Sebastián, A. Vicente-Retortillo, E. Fischer, D. Toledo, F. Gómez, M. D. Smith, L. Mora-Sotomayor, H. Savijärvi, J. R. Johnson, V. Apéstigue, I. Arruego, L. Mandon, R. Hueso, A. Munguira, M. Ramos, C.E. Newman, M.T. Lemmon, A. Sánchez-Lavega, L.K. Tamppari, O. Prieto, A. Molina, T. H. McConnochie, P. Conrad, F. Jordan, A.M. Harri, M. Genzer, M. Hieta, J. Poulko, M. P. Zorzano, M. Hecht, M. Siegler, M. Torre-Juárez, J.A. Rodríguez-Manfredi


More than one Martian Year of Meteorology Observed by the Insight Lander.

F. Forget, D. Banfield, A. Spiga, E. Millour, A. Borella, L. Lange, C. Newman, D. Viúdez Moreiras, J. Pla-Garcia, S. Navarro, L. Mora Sotomayor, J. Torres, J-A. Rodriguez Manfredi, S. Lewis, R. Lorenz, P. Lognonne, B. Banerdt and the INSIGHT atmosphere team.


Changes in Surface Albedo Induced by Dust Devils and the  MY 36 Ls=155° Dust Storm at Jezero Crater.

A. Vicente-Retortillo, G.M. Martínez, M. T. Lemmon, R. Hueso, R. Sullivan, C. E. Newman, E. Sebastían, D. Toledo, V. Apéstigue, I. Arruego, A. Munguira, A. Sánchez-Lavega, L. Mora-Sotomayor, T. Bertrand, L. K. Tamppari, M. De La Torre Juárez, J.-A. Rodríguez-Manfredi.


Thermal Inertia at the MSL and Insight Mission Sites on Mars.

D. Singh , S. Uttam


Interpretation of the Meteorological Environment Changes Experienced by MSL During Mission Traverse Using REMS and MRAMS.

M. Ruíz-Pérez, J. Pla-García, S. Rafkin, G. Martínez, M. de la Torre, J. Gómez- Elvira, J. Rodríguez-Manfredi and the REMS and MSL Science team


Elevation Dependent Meteorology in Gale Crater.

S. D. Guzewich, M. T. Lemmon, G. Bischof, E. L. Mason, E. Newman, M. I. Richardson, M. de la Torre Juárez


Optical Atmospheric Effects as Viewed by the MSL ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager.
S. A. Los, H. E. Newsom, L. A. Scuderi (Abstract only)


Preliminary Analysis of Small-scale Turbulence at the InSight Landing Site on Mars.

M. Alfahim, M. Alhmoudi, M. Alawadhi, R.M.B. Young


Wait a Minute… Martian Wind Autocorrelations.
R. D. Lorenz


Modelling UV Degradation of Airfall Organic Material at Gale Crater.

A. Das, J. E. Moores, H. M. Sapers, C. L. Smith.




Preliminary Results of Atmospheric Parameters Varying with LT around Volcanoes from PFX-MEx Observations.

P. Wolkenberg, M. Giuranna, D. Grassi, A. Spiga, A. Cardesin-Moinelo, D. Merritt, J. Marin-Yaseli de la Parra


Thermal Structure and Aerosol Content of the Martian Atmosphere from TIRVIM-ACS onboard TGO : An Overview.

S. Guerlet, S. Fan, F. Forget, E. Millour, N. Ignatiev, P. Vlasov, A. Shakun, A. Trokhimovskiy, Oleg Korablev, A. Grigoriev, F. Montmessin


Using Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer (EMIRS) Science Observations to Analyze Diurnal Temperatures and Characterize Thermophysical Properties.

N. AlMheiri, M. Yousuf, C. S. Edwards, M. Osterloo, M.Wolff


Expanding the Dataset of Mars Atmospheric Retrievals from MGS TES Using Limb-geometry Bolometer Observations.
E. L. Mason, M. D. Smith, M. J.Wolff


Integrating In-Situ, Satellite, and Reanalysis Datasets to Assess Temperature Profiles in the Martian Tropics.

H. E. Gillespie, G. Martinez, R. Hueso, A. Munguira, E. Sebastian, H. Savijärvi, A. Sanchez-Lavega, M. Torre-Juarez, J.A. Rodri­guez-Manfredi

Assessing Brightness Temperature Sensitivity to Aerosols in the Martian Atmosphere Using the Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS).
R. P. McMichael, S. J. Greybush, R. J. Wilson


Assimilation of Temperatures and Column Dust Opacities Measured by ExoMars TGO-ACS-TIRVIM During the MY 34 Global Dust Storm.

R.M.B. Young, E. Millour, S. Guerlet, F. Forget, N. Ignatiev, A.V. Grigoriev, A.V. Shakun, A. Trokhimovskiy, O. Korablev, F. Montmessin


Internal Dynamical Variability in the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Models.

A. F. C Bridger, M. A. Kahre, R. J. Wilson


A Climatology of the Martian Northern Polar Vortex.

P. M. Streeter,S. R. Lewis, J. A. Holmes, K. Rajendran, M. R. Patel


A Comparison of Annular Modes on Mars and Earth.

J. M. Battalio, J. M. Lora


Characterization of the Martian Mesosphere by LMD-MGCM Simulations Compared to NOMAD/TGO Observations.

F. Gonzalez-Galindo, M.A. Lopez-Valverde, A. Brines, A. Modak, A. Stolzenbach, B. Funke, J.J. Lopez-Moreno, F. Forget, E. Millour, F. Lefèvre, M. Vals, F. Montmessin, M. Patel, G. Bellucci, A.C. Vandaele


Seasonal and Diurnal Variation of the Middle Atmospheric Thermal Structure.

L. Gkouvelis, A. S. Brecht, R. J. Wilson, C. E. Harman, M. A. Kahre, T. Bertrand, A. Kling


Thermospheric Structure and Variability of the Mars Terminator from MAVEN/EUVM Solar Occultations

(Abstract only).

E. M. B. Thiemann, F. Eparvier, S. Bougher, Collin Payne, Erdal Yiğit, F. Gasperini.


Non-migrating Atmospheric Tides as a Driver of Variability in the Nightside Martian Ionosphere.

S. A. Thaller, L. Andersson


Mach and Froude Numbers on Mars.

C. Nasr


A New Method for Calculating Solar Irradiance at Mars.

I. De Oliveira, A. I. Shapiro, K. Sowmya, A. Medvedev, N.-E. Nèmec, L. Gizon.




Detection of Gravity Waves on Mars using Themis Band 10.

J. M. Battalio, N. Heavens, A. Pankine, J. Cowart


Probing Atmospheric Gravity Waves on Mars’ Atmosphere Using Mars Express OMEGA Data.

F. Brasil, P. Machado, G. Gilli, A. Cardesín-Moinelo, J. E. Silva , D. Espadinha ,R. Rianço-Silva .


Gravity Wave Statistics for MY34 and MY35 from the ACS/TGO Measurements.

E. D. Starichenko, A. S. Medvedev, D.A. Belyaev, A. A. Fedorova, O. I. Korablev, A. Trokhimovskiy, F. Montmessin


Effects of Orographic Gravity Wave Drag in the Martian Atmosphere by Parameterization and Gravity Wave-Resolving Simulations.

A. Kling, R. J Wilson, A. Brecht, M. Kahre, J. Murphy


Modeling Impact of Gravity Waves on the Thermosphere of Mars with a Non-Orographic Whole Atmosphere Gravity Wave Scheme: M-GITM. Application for Interpreting Maven Measurements (Abstract only).

S. W. Bougher, K. J. Roeten, E. Yiğit, A. S. Medvedev, M. K. Elrod, M. Benna,


On The Connection Between Martian Gravity Waves, Dust Storms, and Atmospheric Escape (Abstract only).

E. Yiğit, A. S. Medvedev, M. Benna




Inside an Active Martian Storm in Jezero Crater (Abstract only).
M. T. Lemmon, M.D. Smith, R. Hueso, A. Munguira, A. Sanchez-Lavega, D. Viudez-Moreiras, A. Vicente-Retortillo, J.A. Rodriguez-Manfredi, G. Martinez, C. Newman, R. Sullivan, D. Banfield, M. Baker, J.F. Bell, J.N. Maki, M. de la Torre-Juarez, L. Tamppari, V. Apestigue, D. Toledo
Building the Long-term, Multi-instrument Record of Large-scale Dust Events on Mars.
L. Montabone, B. Cantor, F. Forget, E. Millour, D. Kass, A. Kleinboehl, T. Lombard, R. Majid Khalfan Al Bedwawi, M. D. Smith, M. Wolff


Dust Climatology from NOMAD UVIS Channel.

Z. Flimon, J. Erwin, A.C. Vandaele, L. Neary, A. Piccialli, L. Trompet, Y. Willame, F. Daerden , S. Bauduin, I. R. Thomas, B. Ristic, J. Mason, C. Depiesse, M. R. Patel, G. Bellucci, J.-J. Lopez-Moreno


Aerosol Nadir Retrieval from NOMAD/UVIS on board Exomars TGO.

Y. Willame, A. C. Vandaele, J. Erwin, A. Picciali, C. Depiesse, F. Daerden, L. Neary, I. Thomas, B. Ristic, M.J. Wolff, J. Mason, M. R. Patel, G. Bellucci, J.J Lopez-Moreno


Constraining Atmospheric Dust Lifting on Diurnal Timescales from EMIRS Surface Temperature Observations.

C. A. Wolfe, C.S. Edwards, M.D. Smith, M.J. Wolff


The Exploration of Dust Storm Events Based on Data Products with Sub-diurnal Coverage, Including the Early Emirates Mars Mission Science Phase.

C. Gebhardt, B. K. Guha, R. M. B. Young, M. J. Wolff


A Dust Storm Database from the Early High-Dust-Loading Season to the Beginning of the Solsticial Pause Based on EMM/EXI Images.

B. K. Guha, C. Gebhardt, R. M. B. Young, M. J. Wolff


Retrieval of Aerosol Properties at Jezero Crater using the Supercam Instrument on-board the Nasa Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover.

T. Bertrand, M. Wolff, K. Connour, T. McConnochie, T. Fouchet, F. Montmessin, E. W. Knutsen


Diurnal and Seasonal Variations of Aerosol Optical Depth at Jezero Crater, Mars.

Michael D. Smith, G.M. Martínez, E. Sebastián, V. Apéstigue, I. Arruego, D. Toledo Carrasco, D. Viúdez-Moreiras, J.A. Rodriguez-Manfredi, M.T. Lemmon, M. de la Torre Juarez


RoadMap - from Lab to Space: Applying an Updated Dust Lifting Equation in the GEM-Mars GCM.
L. Neary, F. Daerden, G. Wurm, T. Becker, J. Teiser, J. Merrison, K. Rasmussen, A. Waza, O. Munoz, J. Martikainen, J. C. Gomez Martin, F.Moreno, T. Jardiel, M. Peiteado, A. C. Caballero, J. T. Erwin, Z. Filmon, A. Piccialli, L.Trompet, Y. Willame, A. C. Vandaele


A Low Upper Threshold for Saltation-Mediated Triboluminescence at Gale Crater, Mars.

H. M. Sapers, J. L. Kloos, M. Baker, D. M. Fey, H. Kalucha, M. Lemmon, M. Minitti, C. Newman, J. E. Moores


The Interactive Simulation of Mars Dust Storms with the Mars General Circulation Model Marswrf, at the Resolution of 7.5°×9° (Latitude ×Longitude).

K. AlShehhi, C. Gebhardt, R.M.B. Young


Modeling the Dust Cycle in LMD Mars GCM V6.

A. Bierjon, F. Forget, E. Millour, M. Vals, R. Vandemeulebrouck, J. Naar, T. Pierron, A. Spiga, L. Montabone, M. Wolff, T. Bertrand


Exploring the Climatic Impact of Bi-Modal Dust Particle Size Distributions during the MY34/2018 Global Dust Storm With the NASA Ames Mars Global Climate Model.

R. A. Urata, T. Bertrand, M. A. Kahre, R. J. Wilson, A. M. Kling,  M. Wolff.


Comparing the MY25 and MY34 Global Dust Storms Using the Ensemble Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis System (EMARS).

N. Polek-Davis, S. J. Greybush, R. J. Wilson, R. P. McMichael, H. E. Gillespie


Parameterization of Cap-Edge Dust Lifting over the Southern Polar Region (Abstract only).

K. C. Chow, J. Xiao, Y. M. Wang,


Surface Dust Redistribution on Mars from Interannual Differences in Temperatures and Albedo.

J. Bapst, S. Piqueux, D.M. Kass, A. Kleinböhl, C.S. Edwards, C. Wolfe


Characteristics of Dust Devils In Two Pre-Selected Landing Regions of The Tianwen-1 Mission. Comparing Observations and Predictions by Numerical Model (Abstract only).

Yemeng Wang , Kim-Chiu Chow, Jing Xiao,


Orbit-Spin Coupling and Martian Early-Season Global-scale Dust Storms: Challenges and Opportunities.

J. H. Shirley, J. M. Battalio, D. M. Kass, A.Kleinböhl,N. G. Heavens, S. Piqueux, S. Suzuki, D. J. McCleese, J. T. Schofield


RoadMap - from Lab to Space: Experimental Scattering Matrices of Martian Dust Analogues.

O. Muñoz, J. Martikainen, J. C. Gomez Martín, T. Jardiel, M. Peiteado, A. C. Caballero, G. Wurm, T. Becker, J. Teiser, J. Merrison, K. Rasmussen, A. Waza, A. C. Vandaele, Y. Willame, L. Neary, F. Daerden, Z. Filmon, A. Piccialli, L. Trompet


Retrieval of Optical Constants at UV-VIS-NIR for Martian Dust Analogues by Modelling Light Scattering.

J. Martikainen, J. C. Gómez-Martín, O. Muñoz, T. Jardiel, M. Peiteado, Y.Vidrio, M. Wolff, and the RoadMap Team.


Power Attenuation of Martian Rovers and Landers Solar Panels Due to Dust Deposition.

T. Pierron, F. Forget, E. Millour




MSL Frost Detection Campaigns.

G.M. Martínez, R.V. Gough, W. Rapin, P.-Y.Meslin, O. Gasnault, S. Schröder, T. H. Mcconnochie, H. Savijärvi, E. Fischer, S. Guzewich, C.E. Newman, A. R. Vasavada, M. De La Torre-Juárez, R. Wiens, N. Lanza


An Improved Model of Water Ice Sublimation on Mars: Validation at the Phoenix Landing Site (Abstract only).

A. R. Khuller, G. D. Clow


A Record of Water-Ice Cloud at the Phoenix Landing Site Derived from Modelling MET Temperature Data.

G. Bischof, J.E. Moores, H.M. Sapers, B.A. Cooper


Highlighting Image Processing Techniques Used to Analyze Martian Water Ice Clouds Observed by the NavCam Instrument on board Mars2020 Rover, Perseverance.

P. Patel, L. Tamppari, M. de la Torre Juárez, A. J. Coates, M. Lemmon, J. Moores, C. Campbell


The Aphelion Cloud Belt Phase Function at Gale Crater.

A.C. Innanen, B.A. Cooper, C.L. Campbell, S.D. Guzewich, J.L. Kloos, H.M. Sapers, J.E. Moores


Five Martian Years of MSL Gale Crater Cloud Opacity Measurements: Determining a Scattering Phase Function for the Aphelion Cloud Belt.

C. W. Hayes, J. L. Kloos, C. L. Campbell, A. C. Innanen, H. M. Sapers, J. E.Moores


First Cross EMM/EXI and TGO/ACS-MIR Obervations of Martian Water Ice Clouds.

A. Stcherbinine, M. J. Wolff, F. Montmessin,M. Vincendon, O. Korablev, A. Fedorova, A. Trokhimovskiy, M. Osterloo, R. Shuping


Water Vapor Saturation and Ice Cloud Occurrence in the Atmosphere of Mars.

L. Poncin, A. Kleinböhl, D.M. Kass, R. T. Clancy, S. Aoki, A.C. Vandaele


Aphelion Equatorial Mesospheric Clouds Observed by MCS.

M. Slipski, A. Kleinböhl, D.M. Kass


MRO-CRISM 2006-2008 Martian Cloud Map Retrievals.

D. R. Klassen, B. D. West


Mars Perihelion Cloud Trails as Revealed by MARCI: Mesoscale Topographically Focused Updrafts and Gravity Wave Forcing of High Altitude Clouds (Abstract only).

R. T. Clancy, M. J. Wolff, N. G. Heavens, P. B. James, S. W. Lee, B. J. Sandor, B. A. Cantor, M. C. Malin, D. Tyler, Jr., A. Spiga


Tropical and Orographic Clouds and their Association with Dust Aerosols.

B. K. Guha, J. Panda, C. Gebhardt, Z. Wu, A. S. Arya


Reanalysis of Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Atmospheric Features with Machine Learning Algorithms.

V. Caillé, A. Määttänen, A. Spiga, L. Falletti, G. A. Neumann.


MAVEN/IUVS in the Sky with Dust and Water-Ice Cloud Particles.

K. Connour, M. J. Wolff, N. M. Schneider, J. Deighan, S. K. Jain, F. Lefevre, E. Millour, F. Forget, M. A. Kahre, R. J. Wilson.




Approach to the Mapping of Water Environment on Present Mars – Validation of Possible Water Vapor Emission from Recurring Slope Lineae Using a GCM.

T. Kuroda, H. Kurokawa, S. Aoki, H. Nakagawa, M. Kobayashi


Dust Storm of MY28 Effects on Water Vapor in the South Polar Region.

C. W. S. Leung, A. Pankine, L.Tamppari, M. Giuranna, A. Trokhimovskiy


MY34 Dust Storm Effect on Middle Atmosphere Water Vapor and Upper Atmosphere Hydrogen on Mars using the LMD-GCM.

H. A. AlMazmi, M. S. Chaffin, E. Millour, J. Deighan, H. R. Almatroushi, R. L. Lillis, M. O. Fillingim, S. L. England, S. K. Jain, G. M. Holsclaw, F. H. Lootah, F. Forget


A Comparison Between CRISM and CHEMCAM Passive Sky Water Vapor Retrievals over Gale Crater.

A. S. J. Khayat, T. Mcconnochie, M. D. Smith


First Results of the Relative Humidity Sensor on Board M2020 Perseverance Rover.

M. Hieta, J. Polkko, I. Jaakonaho, M. Genzer, A.-M. Harri, G. M. Martinez, L. Tamppari, M. de la Torre Juarez, J. A. Rodriguez-Manfredi

First Results from Atmospheric Observations of CO2, H2O, and CO from SuperCam on Mars2020-Pereverance Rover.
F. Montmessin, T. McConnochie, T. Fouchet, C. Royer, E. W. Knutsen, T. Bertrand, O. Forni, E P. Pilleri, O. Gasnault, G. Lacombe, J. Lasue, C. Legett, M. T. Lemmon, T. Newell, D. M. Venhaus, S. Maurice, R. C. Wiens, the SuperCam Team.




ACS Trace Gas Detection Attempts.

A. Trokhimovskiy, A. A. Fedorova, O. I. Korablev, D. A. Belyaev, A. S. Braude, F. Montmessin, F. Lefèvre, J. Alday, K. S. Olsen,


Investigating Trace Gases in The Martian Atmosphere Using the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Part 1: Analysis of ESA PSA NOMAD SO Channel Data.

G. H. Cann , I. Waldmann, D.Walton,  J.P. Muller.


Investigating Trace Gases in The Martian Atmosphere Using the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Part 2: TauREM and PSG Retrievals Of ESA PSA NOMAD SO  Channel Data.

G. H. Cann , I. Waldmann, D.Walton,  J.P. Muller.


Variations in Vertical CO/CO2 Profiles in the Martian Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Measured by ExoMars TGO/NOMAD: Implications of Variations in Eddy Diffusion Coefficient.

N. Yoshida, H. Nakagawa, S. Aoki, J. Erwin, A. C. Vandaele, F. Daerden, I. Thomas, L. Trompet, S. Koyama, N. Terada, L. Neary, I. Murata, G. Villanueva, G. Liuzzi, M. A. Lopez-Valverde, A. Brines, A. Modak, Y. Kasaba, B. Ristic, G. Bellucci, J. J. Lopez-Moreno, M. Patel


Constraining the Odd-Hydrogen Chemistry in the Atmosphere of Mars with the EXOMARS Trace Gas Orbiter.

J. Alday, J. A. Holmes, M. R. Patel, J. P. Mason, A. Trokhimovskiy, A. A. Fedorova, D. A. Belyaev, O. Korablev, F. Lefèvre, F. Montmessin, L. Baggio, A. S. Braude, K. S. Olsen, P. G. J. Irwin, C. F. Wilson


Ozone Observed by TGO/NOMAD-UVIS Solar Occultation: an Intercomparison of three Retrieval Methods.

A. Piccialli, A.C. Vandaele, Y. Willame, A.Määattäanen, L. Trompet, J.T. Erwin,F. Daerden, L. Neary, S. Aoki, S. Viscardy, I.R. Thomas, C. Depiesse, B.Ristic, J.P. Mason, M. R.Patel, M.J. Wolff, A.S.J. Khayat, G. Bellucci, J.-J. Lopez-Moreno


Monitoring Ozone and Aerosol in the Martian Mesosphere from MAVEN/IUVS Stellar Occultation Observations between MY 32 and 36.

A. S. Braude, F. Montmessin, L. Verdier, Z. Flimon, F. Lefevre,  S. Gupta, S. K. Jain, N. M. Schneider, J. Deighan, F. Y. Jiang, R. Yelle


Numerical Prediction of Changes in Atmospheric Chemical Composition by Precipitation of Solar Energetic Particles at Mars.

Y. Nakamura, F. Leblanc, N. Terada, I. Murata, H. Nakagawa, S. Sakai, S. Hiruba, R. Kataoka, K. Murase


Seasonal and Global Ozone Variations with Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Martian Atmosphere.

M. A. J. Brown, M. R. Patel, S. R. Lewis, J. A. Holmes, J. Mason, A. Bennaceur, A. C. Vandaele


Molecular Spectroscopy at the University of Toronto and Future Applications to Mars.

M. O. Ishtiak, O. Colebatch, K. Strong


Gas-solid Interactions in the Atmosphere of Mars and their Effect on Methane and Trace-gas Evolution.
J. E. Moores


Measuring the 13C/12C in CO2 in the Lower Atmosphere of Mars with NOMAD/TGO: Challenges and Interpretation.

G. Liuzzi, G. L. Villanueva, S. W. Stone, S. Faggi, V. Kofman, S. Aoki, J. Alday, L. Trompet, A. C. Vandaele




Evolution of Martian Seasonal Frost Boundaries around the North Pole Derived from OMEGA Observations and from LMD GCM Simulations.

A. Szantai, F. Forget, T. Appéré, B. Schmitt.


Seasonal Variation of the Cold and Bright Anomalies on the North Polar Layer Deposits.

P. J. Acharya, I. B. Smith


A Study of the Martian South Polar Cap Using EMIRS and TES Data.

E. Altunaiji , M. D. Smith, C. S. Edwards, K. Badri.


Multi-Year Effects of Global Dust Storms on the Polar Heat Budget and CO2 Snowfall on Mars

P. O. Hayne, N. Alsaeed, V. Concepcion, D. M. Kass, S. Piqueux, J. Bapst, A. Kleinboehl


Rederivation of the MGS Radio Occultation Measurements in the Martian South Polar Winter Regions Using MRO-MCS Temperature Climatology.

K. Noguchi, M. Shimomura, A. Kleinböhl, D. Kass, S. Piqueux


Gardening of the Martian Regolith by Diurnal CO2 Frost and the Formation of Slope Streaks.

L. Lange, S.Piqueux, C.S.Edwards


Global Martian CO2 Cloud Modelling Improvements: Meteoric Flux as Condensation Nuclei and Radiatively Active CO2 Clouds.
C. Mathé, A. Määttänen, L. Falletti, A. Spiga, F. Forget, E. Millour, J. Plane




Correlating the Seasonal Behavior of Polar Warming and O2 IR Nightglow.

A. S. Brecht, L. Gkouvelis, R. J. Wilson, C. E. Harman, M. A. Kahre, A. Kling


Morphology of EUV and FUV Martian Airglow Emissions Observed by the EMUS Instrument on Board the Emirates Mars Mission.

S. K. Jain, J. Deighan, M. S. Chaffin, G. H. Holsclaw, R. Lillis, M. Fillingim, J. S. Evans, J. Correira, H. AlMatroushi, F. Lootah, S. England, H. AlMazmi, E. M. B. Thiemann, F. Eparvier, P. Chamberlin


Retrieval of Ar, N2, O, and CO in the Martian Thermosphere using Dayglow Limb Observations by EMM EMUS.

J. S. Evans, J. Deighan, S. Jain, J. Correira, V. Veibell, H. Almatroushi, H. Almazmi, M. Chaffin, S. England, M. Fillingim, G. Holsclaw, R. Lillis, F. Lootah.


Retrieval of CO Column Abundance in the Martian Thermosphere from FUV Disk Observations by EMM EMUS.

J. S. Evans, J. Correira, J. Deighan, S. Jain, H. Almatroushi, H. Almazmi, M. Chaffin, S. England, M. Fillingim,  F. Forget, G. Holsclaw, R. Lillis, F. Lootah.


Observing Far-Ultraviolet Oxygen Aurorae in the Martian Night-Side Atmosphere with MAVEN-IUVS.

E. Lieb, N. Schneider, J.C. Gerard, L. Soret, S. Jain


Atmospheric Variation and Distribution of Martian Meteoric Mg+ from MAVEN/IUVS

M. M. J. Crismani, R. M. Tyo, N. M. Schneider, J. M. C. Plane, W. Feng, J.D. Carrillo-Sanchez, G.L. Villanueva, S. Jain, J. Deighan


Hydrogen Corona Observations and Analysis using EMM/EMUS.

M. Chaffin, J. Deighan, S. Jain, G. Holsclaw, H. Almazmi, S. England, F. Eparvier, E. Thiemann, J. Correira, J. S. Evans, M. Fillingim, R. Lillis,  K. Chirakkil, S. Raghuram, F. Lootah, H. Almatroushi.


Application of 3D Hydrogen Corona Distribution Model to Retrieve Atomic Hydrogen from EMUS/EMM Observations.

S. Raghuram, M. Chaffin, J.Deighan, S.Jain, R. Lillis, R. Elliott, M.Fillingim, G.Holsclaw, H. AlMatroushi, D. Brain, S. England, K.Chirakkil, F. Lootah, H.AlMazmi


Global Structure and Variability of the Inner Hot Oxygen Corona as Imaged by EMM/EMUS.

J. Deighan, M. Chaffin, K. Chirakkil, H. R. Almatroushi, R. J. Lillis, M. O. Fillingim, S. England, S. Jain, G. Holsclaw, F. H. Lootah, H. A. Almazmi, F. G. Eparvier, E. M. B. Thiemann, P. C. Chamberlin


Spectroscopic Characterization of Diatomic Molecules in the Martian Atmosphere

R. Al Abdallah, M. Khalil, M. Gacesa, A. Al Ghaferi, N. El-Kork.


Global Maps of Atomic Oxygen in the Thermosphere of Mars Derived from OI 135.6 nm Emission Observed by the Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer (EMUS) Instrument.

M. O. Fillingim, R. L. Lillis, J. Deighan,  S. K. Jain,  H. R. Al Matroushi,  H. A. Al Mazmi,  M. S. Chaffin,  J. Correira, S. L. England, J. S. Evans, G. M. Holsclaw, F. H. Lootah, F. G. Eparvier, E. M. B. Thiemann.


Analytical Solutions for Martian Nighttime OH* Layer.

M. Grygalashvyly, D. S. Shaposhnikov, A. S. Medvedev, G. R. Sonnemann, P. Hartogh




Simulation of the Atomic Deuterium Density and Escape at Mars and Comparison with MAVEN/IUVS Observations.

J-Y. Chaufray, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, M. Vals, L. Rossi, F. Montmessin, F. Lefevre, F. Leblanc, R. Modolo, F. Forget, E. Millour, G. Gilli, M. Lopez-Valverde, M. Mayyasi.


Photochemical Escape of O and C from Mars: the Impact of Collisional CrossSections

M. Gacesa, Y. Lee, B. M. Krishna


More than Before: Increase in Estimated Oxygen Photochemical Escape Rates from EMM Data and Updated Modeling.

K. Chirakkil, J. Deighan, R. Lillis,R. Elliott, M. Chaffin, S. Jain, M. Gacesa, M. Fillingim, G. Holsclaw, H. AlMatroushi, D. Brain, S. England, S. Raghuram, F. Lootah, H. AlMazmi


O(3P)+CO2 Scattering Dynamics with MCTDH for Understanding Oxygen Escape from Mars Atmosphere

B. M. Krishna, M. Gacesa


On the Effect of the Obliquity of Mars to the Hydrogen Escape and the Fate of Water in the Last Millions of Years.

G. Gilli, F. Gonzalez-Galindo, F. Forget, J. Naar, E. Millour, J-Y. Chaufray




Understanding the Evolution of the Martian Atmosphere through Nitrogen Isotopes.

H. Pieris, B. M. Jakosky


Long Term Evolution of Early Martian Climate - Valley Network Formation by Warm or Cool Climate Conditions.

A. Kamada, T. Kuroda, T. Kodama, Y. Kasaba, N. Terada


Modeling the Evolution of Climates over Long Period: the Planetary Evolution Model.

R. Vandemeulebrouck, F.Forget, L.Lange, E.Millour, A.Spiga, A.Bierjon, A.Delavois, J.Naar


The Effect of Ground Ice Migration on the Martian Paleo-Carbon Dioxide Budget.

E. David, O. Aharonson, E. Vos, F. Forget.


Evidence of Obliquity Driven Climate Fluctuations on Mars from Small Crater Surveys.

M. E. Hoffman, H. E. Newsom, F. Calef, J. P. Williams




Transport Processes of Dust and Water in the Martian Atmosphere Revealed by the MMX Infrared Spectrometer (MIRS): Fast Retrieval Code for Aerosol and Gaseous Profiles for Limb-sounding.

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Testing the Efficacy of a Mars Submillimeter (submm) Sounder for Atmospheric Measurements.

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MARLI: Mars Lidar for Measuring Global Wind and Aerosol Profiles from Orbit.

J. B. Abshire, M.D. Smith, D.R. Cremons, S.D. Guzewich, X. Sun, A. Yu, F. Hovis


Small Lidar for Profiling Water Vapor, Aerosols and Winds from a Mars Lander.

J. B. Abshire, D. R. Cremons, K. Numata, S. D. Guzewich, M. D. Smith, X. Sun